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Comprehensive Coverage, Nearby Service

Nodes cover major regions and operators around the world, are closer to end users, and meet the needs of low-latency interaction.

Cloud-edge Coordination

Support collaborative usage with other cloud delivery products, leveraging the advantages of cloud-edge coordination, extend diverse cloud capabilities to edge nodes, thus helping users to sink business to the edge.

High Performance Guarantee

E5 V5 high performance CPU with exclusive resources, multi-channel memory and network card performance optimization to ensure high.

Secure and Reliable

Resources are securely isolated from network to ensure the security of resources; at the same time, security groups and other protection mechanisms are provided to ensure the secure and stable operation of the business.

On-demand Usage, Delivered In Minutes

Create and launch in minutes according to business requirements; flexibly expand and scale up with business changes, improve resource utilization, and reduce the pressure of operation and maintenance and the cost of resources.


  • Instance Management

    Provide full lifecycle management such as cross-region and cross-operator, one-stop batch addition and deletion, and support hot mounting of disks.

    • Instance lifecycle management: provides a variety of instance specifications for instance creation, deletion, power management (boot/shutdown/reboot), password reset, remote access and other operations.

    • Hot-mounted disk: SSD and HDD disks can be added once the instance is created, and two disk modes, LVM and independent disk, are supported.

  • Image Management

    Public images and custom images are supported, and can be created in seconds through pre-distribution of images.

    • Public and custom images: provide mainstream operating systems such as CentOS, Ubuntu, and Windows, also support customers to upload custom images.

    • Pre-distribution of images: supports automatic pre-distribution of images to nodes. Instances can be created within seconds.

  • Network Management

    Support IPV6, and instance granularity network card speed limit, seamlessly integration with SD-WAN for cloud-edge collaboration.

  • Security & Protection

    Comprehensively improve the security of the network and business through security policies such as intranet tenant isolation and security groups.

    • Intranet isolation: support complete isolation of intranet networks between different user accounts, enable intranet security protection between different tenants, and prevent intranet attacks , etc.

    • Security group: virtual firewall with state detection and packet filtering. By configuring security group rules, providing access control and management of the traffic on both sides of the instance.

  • Operation And Maintenance Management

    Comprehensive monitoring with operation and maintenance mechanism to ensure the stability and reliability of service.

    • Comprehensive monitoring: comprehensive monitoring of node network, switch, host, management components, etc.

    • OPS processing mechanism: automatic alert, support for host abnormality reboot, cloud server migration and recreation and other processing mechanisms.

  • Seamless CDN Collaboration

    Support seamless collaboration with CDN services, such as forwarding and pushing in the same server room to improve push effectiveness.


  • Video Streaming
  • Online education
  • Video surveillance
  • Custom CDN

In live streaming scenarios transcoding, joint streaming, on-screen comment, slicing and other services are deployed on edge computing nodes to be closer to users, enhance user experience and reduce central costs.

  • Local coverage: nodes are widely distributed to ensure users’ access to the nearest area.

  • Autonomous control: flexible deployment of private protocols, transparent quality of all links, and autonomous control of content.

  • Quick launch: minute-level fast delivery, reducing the pressure of operation and maintenance, expanding and reducing capacity as needed, cost optimization.

  • Reduce the central bandwidth: sink the business to the edge and reduce the cost pressure of the central bandwidth.

Online education scenarios often have remotely located teachers and students and stringent requirements for network latency. By deploying real-time push and pull streams, joint broadcasting and other modules to the edge nodes, teachers and students can access nearby and improve the quality of video transmission.

  • Low latency: users access the nearest edge computing node to minimize public network loss.

  • Network guarantee: combined with SD-WAN, to ensure the stability and reliability of cross-border transmission links.

  • Flexible scaling: holiday peak on-demand expansion, on-demand idle down scaling, cost optimization.

Security surveillance cameras generate a large amount of video data every day, all of which are sent to the datacenter for processing. The bandwidth cost and concurrent pressure of the datacenter can be very high, and resulting in slow response of processing.

  • Mitigate pressure: sink the push-pull stream and video processing module to the edge, effectively reduce the central bandwidth cost and concurrent pressure, and improve the timeliness of analysis and processing.

  • On-demand usage: capacity expansion or reduction on demand, cost optimization.

Based on edge cloud servers all over the world, custom CDN replaces the traditional IDC solution that are know for its long procurement cycle, inflexible usage and high deployment cost, to quickly realize the construction of global distribution nodes and build the next generation content distribution network.

  • Wide distribution of nodes: one-stop and on-demand procurement of major regions and operator nodes all over the world, zero deployment cost.

  • Convenient management: provide web and API methods to manage the whole life cycle of instances and reduce the pressure of operation and maintenance.

  • Autonomous control: flexible deployment of private protocols, transparent quality of all links, and autonomous content control.

Customer Cases

  • 虎牙
  • 字节跳动
  • YY直播
  • 映客