Rapid Expansion of Global Coverage

1500 + nodes all over the global, nearby node access and distribution; massive resource reserve, intelligent scheduling, flexible and rapid expansion.

Download Files Faster

Based on proprietary private transport protocol, the download speed is greatly improved.

Full-link Anti-hijacking/Anti-Tempering

Content are protected against hijacking for the entire transmission process, with the success rate of preventing HTTP hijacking upto99.8%.

Anti-hotlinking for Content Protection

Powerful anti-hotlink protection measures to protect content sources, prevent content from being illegally linked, and reduce costs.


Large File Distribution

Ultra-large client files (file size over 100 gigabytes) are not required to be physically divided at the source site and assembled at client side, which can effectively reduce customer management costs and improve the speed of content distribution.

Custom Cache Strategy

Based on customer requirements, provide differentiated caching strategy to ensure that certain important or obscure files can be obtained by end users in time, in order to provide fast and high quality services for end users.

Anti-hijacking and Anti-tampering

HTTPS, HTTPDNS, dynamic eigenvalue check, file consistency check, MD horizontal check and other technologies to prevent files from being hijacked and tampered with.


Timestamp anti-hotlink protection, return-to-source authentication anti-hotlink protection, central authentication anti-hotlink protection, UA anti-hotlink protection, request header anti-hotlink protection, Referer anti-hotlink protection and other functions effectively prevent content from being pirated.

Monitoring and Statistics

Comprehensive monitoring system, efficient fault troubleshooting; complete statistical analysis to help customers make informed business decisions.


  • Smartphone APP Stores
  • Mobile/Web Gaming
  • Smart Device FOTA
  • Major app stores have massive APP resources and a user base at home and abroad, and nodes around the world ensure that applications can be downloaded very quickly.
  • T-level resource redundancy, diversified cache and file hotspot detection strategies to ensure the stability and experience of users’ downloads during bandwidth surges.
  • Full-link anti-hijacking ensures the accuracy of the installation package.
  • T-level bandwidth reserve + network-wide intelligent scheduling can easily cope with the burst of traffic when the game version is updated and during the emergence of concurrent sudden hot spots, in order to prevent the source server from being overwhelmed.
  • Mobile game hijackings has been growing in recent years, and full-chain anti-hijacking protection safeguards the download experience of users and protects the interests of game operators.
  • Global acceleration nodes address the issue of slow overseas transmission and instability faced by game operators expanding overseas, helping game companies to develop the international market.
  • Full-link Https, two-way identity authentication, lightweight eigenvalue verification, file consistency check and other technical means to ensure the security of the transmission of smart device installation packets, to prevent the packet from being tampered with and hijacked.
  • Intelligently adjust the packet sending strategy according to the network environment, which can improve the transmission efficiency by up to 30% in a weak network environment.
  • The intelligent distribution strategy realizes the extremely fast distribution during the update period of hot versions and saves bandwidth.

Customer Cases

  • 小米
  • 华为
  • 网易游戏
  • 喜马拉雅
  • 百度