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Secure and Reliable

The backup source data is stored in a separate cloud backup source cluster to achieve business data isolation; at the same time, the status of the backup source cluster service is monitored in real time to ensure the high availability of the backup source service.

Smart Synchronization

The proprietary data backup engine updates the backup source data regularly and actively to ensure the timeliness of the backup source data without human intervention, and the backup frequency can be adjusted according to actual demand.

Convenient Access

By providing SaaS service access, customers can quickly access and reduce IT investment costs without separately deploying third-party software and hardware or changing the architecture of the website.

Dynamic and Static Operations

Full backup of static resources, and support for some dynamic resource storage and query.

Seamless Switchover

Combined with CDN to achieve instant switchover of primary and standby sources. Wangsu also provides a better source server integration service solution. Also supports scenarios without CDN access.


Automatic Data Synchronization

Regularly and actively back up customer website resources to establish cloud backed up source server service.

Secure Storage

Dedicated source data storage cluster to ensure high availability and security of backed up source server.

Instant Switchover

When the customer’s primary source server goes down, it will be switched to cloud standby source service without delay, and provide a emergency response page of the website to ensure business continuity.

Secure Transmission

Due to the potential risk of tampering in network transmission, customized authentication and encryption are adopted to ensure the security of the data transmission process between networks, so as to effectively avoid file tampering.

Monitoring Alerts

Real-time detection and monitoring of the service situation of the source server, and issue an alarm when the source is discovered to be abnormal.


  • Focused Security Reinforcement
    During the National Day, Spring Festival and other important events, cloud backup source provides static page response in case of unexpected outage of the source server of key websites, while supporting a small amount of dynamic query content such as search functions.

  • Transition Period Risk Aversion
    Take Government Cloud as an example. Due to phased construction and other reasons, there is only one data center for business services in some areas in a given period of time, and disaster recovery centers in the same municipality or in remote locations are still under construction or planning. Cloud backup source can provide emergency response support for non-local websites.

  • Source Server Decompression
    For games and online education applications, frequently accessed static content (such as game update installation packages and VOD video files) can be stored in the backup source server to reduce the pressure on the primary source server caused by a large number of return-to-source requests.

  • Security Compliance
    The websites of government services, finance and other industries have high security requirements and are not allowed to install software clients on the source server or actively synchronize data to the external cloud. Based on proprietary data backup engine, Wangsu cloud backup source can obtain the public information of customer websites so as to provide cloud backup source services and ensure the data security of customer origin servers.

Customer Cases

  • 广汽本田
  • 国家税务总局
  • 新华网