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Rich in Function

One-stop solution including log collection and storage, query analysis, and real-time alerts. Support various types of log format parsing, provide complete query statistics syntax, flexible interface configuration, and intuitive display of various types of graphics.

Excellent Performance

Real-time collection of transmission logs, and support for local cache permanent logs. Once written, logs can be immediately queried and analyzed, retrieval returns in seconds, all types of configurations take effect in real time.

Reliable and Secure

Distributed architecture design to store the logs with multiple redundant backups to prevent data unavailability due to single-node service downtime and to ensure service availability.

Reduce Cost

Pay according to the usage of the specific packages, eliminate idle resources and waste, offering a utilization cost much lower than the expenses of user custom infrastructure.


  • Collection and Storage

    Real-time log collection and storage, supporting streaming logs, cloud product logs, etc.

    • Through the log collection Agent, the logs on the server are collected in real time, and then transferred and stored to the log service platform.
    • Currently supported streaming logs: custom text logs, Nginx logs, Apache logs, Java Statc logs, Log4jAppender and Syslog logs, and cloud product logs such as SLB, MySQL BINLOG, MySQL SLOWLOG,and container logs.
  • Query and Analysis

    Enable log index, which can be used to query online logs.

    • Enable log index (full-text index, key-value index) to provide real-time query, analysis, statistics, visualization display and other functions.
    • Can be used to query online logs, locate issues and troubleshoot faults in time, and at the same time analyze data to assist users in determining business trends.
  • Monitoring and Alerts

    Real-time monitoring, actively triggering alerts.

    • When users configure alert rules in a quick query, they can monitor the contents of the log in real time, check whether the value of the field exceeds the threshold in a certain period of time, and actively trigger the alert, which is helpful for the operation and maintenance personnel to deal with the failure rapidly and ensure the smooth creation of the business.


  • Data Collection
  • Query Statistics
  • Log Archive
  • O&M Management
  • Deploy the collection points (agent), to filter content with the whitelist of the internal direct connection, and securely transfer the log content.
  • Wildcard collection is supported to reduce repeated configuration of log file names and paths.
  • Only contents within the log are collected, hence very low burden on system performance, little to none impact on the business system.
  • Various types of logs are supported, such as enterprise custom text log, Nginx log, Apache log, Java stack log, Log4jappender and SysLog, with custom configuration format.
  • The index is created in real time, and the log collection can be used for quick query and analysis.
  • Real-time access to data through the index, high query efficiency, response in seconds with tens of millions of logs.
  • Support keywords, ambiguity, context, limited time range, SQL aggregation and other query methods, keyword highlighting, click on the log content to flexibly switch query conditions.
  • Support all types of conventional statistics, such as field statistics, classified statistics, numerical statistics, segmented statistics, multi-level statistics, and geographical distribution statistics, custom advanced statistics can also be realized through the use of statistical syntax.
  • Large screen display, intuitive and comprehensive, statistical charts are diversified to enable highly specific customization.
  • Collecting the archived copies of log files from the server to the log service platform. Deletion of the logs on the business server will not affect any operations, ensuring the security of the business log data.
  • Duplicate copies of backup to secure the contents of the log.
  • Working with big data platform EMR to deliver log data to big data service for long-term archiving and backup for big data analysis and user behavior analysis of subsequent mass logs.
  • Provide alert services such as setting monitoring indicators, notification by email and SMS, and contact groups. Real-time monitoring of the collected log contents, determine the threshold and frequency, trigger real-time alerts, support the setting of silent channels, avoid frequently repeated alarms, and help with the operation and management of enterprises.
    Intuitive display of statistical analysis results in various types of charts, and supporting the report to be exported to the local archive, enabling analysis and statistics of the dynamic trend of business data and help support enterprise business operation.