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Ultra-low Bandwidth Cost

50% cost savings compared to pure CDN distribution, providing customers with high-quality, low-cost video services.

Massive Node Coverage

CDN nodes and decentralized S-P2P nodes work in conjunction and in complement, with over 10 million P2P nodes, customers are provided with a flexible range of choice.

Quality Service Guarantee

The first screen is open in a second, high fluency rate, low stutter rate, ultra-fast download speed, to provide users with better service.

SDK Lightweight Access, Multi-device Adaptation

Powerful and easy-to-use SDK, interface, in-depth performance optimization, easy adaptation for various devices and platforms.

Safe and Reliable

Private transmission protocols, anti-hijacking, anti-tampering, anti-DDoS attacks, SDK authentication access and a multitude of technologies to ensure data security.


Diverse Business Scenarios

Live streaming, VOD, interactive live streaming, short video, download of large files and other services are fully covered, providing an unified interface and easy access.

Multi- device & protocol Support

Supporting Android/iOS/OTT/Flash/HTML5 and other system platforms; support for tablet, TV, smartphones, computers and other devices, in addition to support for mainstream video formats (mp4/hls/dash, etc.) and protocols (rtmp/http-flv/hls, etc.).

Experience Optimization

In a variety of scenarios, the download speed, fluency, latency, interruption rate, playback success rate and other indicators are improved through the combination of CDN and P2P.

Breakpoint Download

Supporting download breakpoint resumption. With disconnections after partially downloading a file users only need to download the missing part to complete the download.

Intelligent P2P Strategy

In accordance with to the customer’s business characteristics (the number of files, duration, hot and cold distribution, etc.), device performance (I/O capability, network environment quality) and other dimensions, dynamically adjust the P2P strategy to create a content distribution experience that is better suited to the customer’s business.

Visualized Early Warning Monitoring

P2P management clusters, CDN nodes and other comprehensive monitoring measures to ensure that issues are found and dealt with at the earliest opportunity, providing multi-dimensional statistical analysis and monitoring to ensure the quality of service.


  • Live Streaming
  • VOD
  • Large File Download
  • Provide low-cost, high-quality live content distribution services for video live streaming platforms to meet the needs of end users to participate in live streaming interaction with low latency and high definition.
  • VOD makes full use of P2P technology to reduce the bandwidth cost for customers on the premise of ensuring smooth playback.
  • VOD makes full use of P2P technology to reduce the bandwidth cost for customers on the premise of ensuring smooth playback.

Customer Cases

  • 斗鱼
  • 龙珠