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Global Coverage of 100+ Partner Operators

500+ overseas nodes, collaboration with 100+ overseas operators, global user requests are directed to the nearest node.

Intelligent Scheduling

Global intelligent scheduling, Anycast accurately dispatches overseas user requests to better performing overseas nodes to optimize user access experience.

Full Business Support

Supports dynamic and static access, audio and video, download and other acceleration and performance optimization services. Covers enterprises’ external website, internal office, business and other systems to meet the diversified needs of overseas business.

Platform-wide Security

12 major overseas traffic mitigation centers, overall platform protection capability of 15+Tpbs, comprehensive protection against all types of DDoS and CC attacks.

Seamless Access

Seamless connection with global CDN network, one-click synchronization of configuration at home and abroad, no repetitive operations involved.

Distribution of Overseas Nodes

Distribution of Overseas Nodes


  • International Gaming
  • Global Live Streaming
  • International E-commerce
  • Intelligent scheduling + dynamic transmission technology to ensure 0 delay for players to compete across borders and regions.
  • Massive global resource reserve to cope with high concurrency of updates and downloads of popular games.
  • Ultra-large traffic attack mitigation, etc., to ensure the secure and stable operation of the game platform.
  • Extreme push technology to optimize and accelerate for different live streaming environments.
  • Local transcoding, screenshot, recording, storage, etc., greatly shorten the overseas transmission path and reduce live streaming latency.
  • Interactive live streaming, beauty filter, watermark, time-shifted micro-window preview and other features to support end-to-end one-stop deployment.
  • Routing optimization, overseas HTTP2.0, DNS Anycast technology, greatly reduce the loading time of massive merchandise pages.
  • Based on overseas T-level redundant bandwidth, in combination with intelligent scheduling, to flexibly respond to concurrencies of various promotional events.
  • With proprietary private protocols and cross-border dynamic detection, overseas acceleration can achieve millisecond response and enhance the user experience such as searching and online shopping.

Customer Cases

  • 韩国SK电讯
  • 卡佛连
  • 香奈儿
  • 虎牙
  • 爱奇艺