Instant Load Up for Smooth Viewing

NGB global scheduling system, utilizing best performing distribution node, provides smooth playback experience through the client.

Effortless Handling of Concurrencies

Massive resource redundancy to easily cope with the pressure of tens of millions of concurrent access.

Comprehensive Copyright Protection

Multiple technical protection from video level, distribution level and viewing level to ensure the security of video copyright.

Better Quality, Lower Cost

Fine stream control, intelligent HD, H.265 and other technologies to maintain rational expenditure of bandwidth.


  • Extremely Fast VOD

    Meeting various requirements of different types of VOD services for instant loading of videos

    • Intelligent scheduling system (NGB), private streaming media transmission protocol, file prefetching, exclusive cache and other functions to meet the requirements of different types of VOD business for instant loading of videos.
  • Efficient Real Time Transcoding

    With efficient transcoding, lossless bitrate reduction and other technologies to meet different users 'viewing preferences.

    • Support full format transencapsulation, resolution conversion, H.264/H.265 encoding, intelligent HD, custom transcoding, etc., flexible configuration of various scenarios, efficient transcoding to meet different users 'viewing preferences.
    • Intelligent HD is based on intelligent recognition of business scenarios, with lossless bitrate reduction, video quality reproduction and other technologies to enable high-definition viewing at low bitrate and reduce distribution costs at the same time.
    • The full link supports H.265 and adaptive matching of H264 and H265 codec to achieve lower bitrate at the same video quality and provided clearer video quality at the same bitrate.
  • Video Content Control

    Control and censor video content to ensure that the content of the platform complies with regulations.

    • Multi-dimensional content censorship of images, text, etc., and efficient identification of pornographic and custom content criteria to ensure that the content of the platform complies with regulations.
    • Regional access permission, file ban, instant deletion and other functions to achieve granular content control, enable easy content control for users.
  • Video Copyright Protection

    Multiple levels protection for video to reduce the risk of stream/link piracy and other risks.

    • Support conventional content protection methods such as referer anti-hotlink protection, IP blacklist and whitelist, UA anti-hotlink protection, timestamp anti-hotlink protection, and return-to-source authentication, as well as the network-wide exclusive center authentication anti-hotlink protection technology and HTTPS full-link anti-hijacking strategy to achieve multiple levels protection and reduce the risk of stream piracy.
    • DRM encryption, while supporting the three mainstream DRM systems (PlayReady, WideVine, and FairPlay) through the operating system underlying and hardware support, combined with license verification, to ensure that the content will not be illegally cracked and copied.
  • Support for VR On-demand Transmission

    VR video transmission with ultra-high bitrate and high bandwidth is supported to ensure a smooth and high-definition experience for users.

    • Due to ultra-high bitrate and high bandwidth nature of VR video, based on artificial intelligence and VR business scenario training, through Tile slicing and adaptive on-demand transmission and other technologies, VOD distribution guarantees video quality in key areas and reduce the total bitrate to ensure a smooth and high-definition experience for users.


  • Video Websites
  • Short Videos
  • IPTV
  • For popular films or shows released on video websites, the video files are cached to the edge nodes in advance to reduce the exit pressure of the source server and effectively control the amount of return to source access.

  • Based on intelligent anti-hotlink protection and access control technologies, to ensure that the exclusive copyright resources of video websites are not pirated.

  • Due to the mobile network environment in which short videos are located, with Wangsu’s “hyperlocalized” node coverage, intelligent detection of networks, fastest network transmission channels can be easily established.

  • Accurately locate the location of users, combined with weak network enhancement technology and long connection technology to achieve short video seconds.

  • Based on the NGB intelligent scheduling system, and combined with the health and service status of the overlay nodes, users are accurately assigned to the best nodes to provide the smooth and high-definition audio-visual IPTV experience.
  • Combined with P2P, H.265, fine stream control and other technologies, the playback quality is guaranteed while the bandwidth is reduced and the cost can be controlled.

Customer Cases

  • 虎牙
  • 斗鱼
  • 腾讯
  • 网易
  • 字节跳动