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Performance + Business, Deep Insight

Based on performance data monitoring, APM can superimpose the monitoring of business layer custom indicators or events, conduct multi-dimensional aggregation analysis, quantify business performance, and provide insight into business opportunities.

Diagnosis + Optimization, Closed-loop Service

Based on the accurate analysis of the bottlenecks of site performance, provide professional optimization solutions to continuously optimize user experience and enhance competitiveness.

More Stable Mobile Access

Focusing on transnational cross-network access scenarios, leveraging private weak network protocol, packet sending policy and congestion control, the transmission efficiency of mobile network can be improved, the jitter of weak network transmission is mitigated, and the access stability is ensured.

Real-time End-to-end Monitoring

24x7 continuous monitoring, covering the site's network availability testing, mobile monitoring, including hundreds of indicators, to accurately locate the root cause of the issues in a complex environment.

Comprehensive Visibility of Data

Providing system performance and business performance data visualization, custom dashboard with extensive charts, enabling an intuitive understanding on trends.


  • APP Monitoring and Alerts

    Comprehensive analysis of performance and business results with timely alerts.

    • APP performance monitoring: monitor and analyze crash, pauses, errors, network performance, page access and interaction of APP, quantify the real access experience of users under different network systems, operators, regions, devices and operating systems, and precisely locate performance bottlenecks and fault sources.
    • APP business data analysis: focus on key business processes, customize business layer monitoring indicators or events, quantify access trends, access distribution, user experience and other indicators, track anomalies, and provide real data support for business operation optimization.
    • APP page monitoring: real-time monitor of user access experience for popular APP pages, provide comprehensive root cause analysis for abnormal pages, and assist in page access optimization decisions.
    • Anomaly alerts: quickly locate anomalies and obtain the abnormal characteristics. When the monitoring data reaches the set alarm threshold, the alert message is automatically triggered to notify the relevant personnel to intervene in time.
  • Mobile Performance Optimization

    Address the common issues of weak network jitter, network congestion, frequent hijacking, etc.

    • Through proprietary weak network transmission protocols, efficient link, intelligent scheduling and other technologies, the common issues of weak network jitter, network congestion and frequent hijacking on mobile devices can be effectively addressed.
    • Provide network optimization solutions based on monitored performance bottlenecks.
  • One-click Detection

    Rapid discovery of anomalies with even quicker response.

    • When users encounter access anomalies while using APPs, they can independently initiate network monitoring and repairs through the “one-click detection” feature, and upload the results to the cloud to generate an intelligent analysis report.
  • Multi-dimensional Chart Visualization

    Unified aggregation and display, overview of global real-time data on a single screen.

    • Dashboard large screen display, supporting extensive custom charts, unified aggregation display, one-screen overview of global real-time data.

    • Provide various reports such as website overview report, acceleration performance report, availability report, and hijacking detection report.

Full Stack APM System

Full Stack APM System

Customer Cases

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  • 央广网
  • 一起作业