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Dynamic Optimization for Faster Transmission.

Accelerate the efficiency of dynamic content transmission based on intelligent routing, protocol optimization, kernel optimization, uplink acceleration and other technologies.

Stable and reliable

Connection multiplexing, orderly return-to-source, instant switchover, etc., ensure high service availability and continuity.

Fully Secured Transmission

Private transport protocol, HttpDNS, HTTPS encrypted transmission, network layer protection and other technologies to ensure the security of access and transmission.

Full service monitoring

Intelligent load balancing, source server monitoring, etc., to offer peace of mind regarding operation and maintenance.


Dynamic Transmission Acceleration

Dynamic transmission optimization: through protocol optimization and uplink optimization, the transmission time is greatly reduced and the dynamic request response speed improved.

Dynamic dedicated kernel optimization: for dynamic application scenarios with high concurrency of small files, a dedicated kernel is used to optimize response time, reduce transmission content, and provide better performance and more stable acceleration services.

Intelligent routing: real-time detection of link quality of the entire network and select the best path.

High Availability

Connection reuse, orderly return-to-source, effectively converge return-to-source requests, and improve the service capability of source servers.

Instant switchover, source server monitoring and other technologies to ensure the availability and continuity of source server services.

HTTPS Secure Transmission

Fully support HTTP2.0, SNI shared IP, multi-certificate format, and non-private key solutions to improve HTTPS encryption and decryption performance and transmission speed.


  • E-commerce
    Suitable for search query, online order, product selection and other links, greatly reduce the transmission loading time to ensure excellent shopping experience.
  • Financial Payment
    Idea of credit card application, online payment, online customer service and other services to ensure a smooth transmission experience, efficient business processing, no waiting.
  • SNS Community
    Improve the speed of access scenarios such as live chat, posting comments and picture sharing in the SNS community, to enable more timely interactive sharing.
  • Entertainment
    For online games, on-screen comments, show interaction, etc., to select the best transmission path to source to ensure the real-time interactive experience of the game.

Customer Cases

  • 腾讯
  • 京东
  • 百度
  • 网易
  • 虎牙