Dynamic and Static, Intelligent and Efficient

Intelligently identify the dynamic and static content, implement different acceleration strategies, distribute static content in the nearest cache and transmit the dynamic content back to the source in the fastest path.

Global Coverage

1500 + nodes all over the world, nearest access and distribution; multi-operator coverage, effectively improve cross-network access speed.

Reliable and Stable

Intelligent load balancing, instant disaster recovery switchover, orderly return to source, source server monitoring, etc., to ensure high availability and high reliability of the website.

Secure Transmission

Private transmission protocol, HttpDNS, HTTPS encrypted transmission and other technologies to ensure the security of transmission.

Full-link Visibility Management

Combined with device, cloud and source data, a dynamic digital dashboard is established to realize full-link data visibility management and multi-dimensional analysis to assist customer business operation.


Whole Site Transmission Acceleration

Speed up access to the whole site through technologies such as dynamic and static content separation, intelligent routing, private transmission protocol and content compression.

Availability Guarantee

Multi-point coverage, multi-source load balancing, instant switchover, orderly return to source, source server monitoring and other technologies to ensure the availability and stability of source server services.

Offloading Return-to-source Traffic

Through the functions of hierarchical convergence and file pre-access, the return to source traffic is greatly reduced and the load pressure on the source server is reduced.

Intelligent Image Processing

Multi-device adaptation, dealing with image compression, image clipping and format conversion at the edge, reducing the computing consumption of the source server and improving the access experience.

HTTPS Secure Transmission

Fully support HTTP2.0, SNI shared IP, multi-certificate format, and non-private key solutions to improve HTTPS encryption and decryption performance and transmission speed.

IPv6 Compliance Support

Dual-stack conversion and whole site adaptation supporting IPv6.


  • Government Organizations
  • Securities and Finance
  • Ecommerce
  • Information and Entertainment
  • Online Gaming
  • In view of the sudden increase in visits to government websites brought about by new policies and trending events, edge caching and return-to-source optimization technologies are used to alleviate the pressure on the source server and ensure the high availability of the source server.
  • HTTPS transmission to ensure the security of page content transmission.
  • Provide high redundancy and stable node coverage to ensure cross-regional and cross-operator access experience.
  • Comprehensive uninterrupted operation monitoring, providing 24x7 after-sales monitoring service.
  • Ideal for business scenarios that require high data security, such as banking, securities, insurance, mutual , etc.
  • Based on the national node coverage and combined with the high-quality dynamic routing model, the efficient and fast delivery of the whole site service can be guaranteed.
  • The full link is compatible with HTTP2.0 protocol support for transmission performance improvement.
  • HTTPS certificateless, dual-certificate acceleration solution to ensure security and compliance.
  • Suitable for e-commerce scenarios such as online shopping, ticket booking, and online payment.
  • Static and dynamic acceleration of the whole site can effectively shorten the loading time of e-commerce pages and improve the access experience of information flow such as browsing, searching, and placing orders.
  • In view of the access burst caused by e-commerce activities, the exit pressure of source server is alleviated by orderly queuing return-to-source and connection multiplexing.
  • Intelligent matching in different regions to respond to different shopping information to improve the accuracy of e-commerce marketing.
  • Provide user distribution and behavior analysis reports to help the site with targeted planning and operation strategies.
  • Suitable for interactive social networking scenarios such as social networks, life services, forum exchanges.
  • Dynamic and static separation combined with dynamic transmission DAA technology to improve the immediacy of interactive information such as registration, login, posting, query, upload, and chat.
  • Based on global resource coverage, improve the access speed and success rate of local and operator users, improve user experience, and improve SEO ranking.
  • Source server load balancing, source server monitoring service and offline mode service to ensure that the business of the website will not be interrupted.
  • Provide a variety of customized caching strategies to address the issue of traffic surge caused by game promotion.
  • Through the content push management system, the game version of the entire network can be updated quickly, immediately and consistently.
  • Based on FEO front-end optimization and dynamic flow technology, the optimal return-to-source path of game dynamic interactive information is guaranteed.
  • Full-link anti-hijacking solution to address the issue of DNS and content hijacking in various games.

Customer Cases

  • 腾讯
  • 网易
  • 京东
  • 苏宁易购
  • 中国银联