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Multipoint Coverage

Intelligently locate multiple nodes in the user’s region, and among the multiple serviceable nodes, dynamically select upload nodes with better performance to provide services, so as to improve upload efficiency.

Weak Network Optimization for Stable Upload

Private protocol optimization and more flexible packet loss detection retransmission strategy to ensure more stable data upload experience.

Intelligent Routing

Dynamic network detection to select the best upload path, and improve the success rate of cross-network and cross-regional data upload.


Multipoint Coverage with Intelligent Routing

Users in the same region can be served by multiple nodes at the same time, and the servers accessed by new access users can be adjusted and diverted at any time according to the load of the nodes, so as to maximize the continuity and stability of services.

Real-time detection of multiple links, in the detection results, the system selects the link to transmit upload data to the path with the shortest time and the best stability to the source server, so as to improve the transmission efficiency.

Intelligent Scheduling & Node Selection

The NGB global scheduling system rapidly collects and determines the performance of each edge upload node, and dynamically selects the upload node with better performance to provide services among multiple available nodes.

Connection Optimization Strategy

Support the optimization of long connections between nodes and clients, nodes and source servers, and prevent the issue of of high load caused by a large number of connections received by the source server.

Instant Disaster Recovery Switchover

When a service anomaly occurs at the customer’s source server, the CDN node of the destination can intelligently, immediately and effectively detect the anomaly of the main source, and enable the disaster recovery connection to switch seamlessly, so as to achieve a smooth transition, which will not affect the user’s upload experience during the handover, and ensure the high availability of the business.


  • Video Website
    Rapid upload scenarios such as video content upload, video production, user generated image rendering, etc.

  • Live Streaming Platform
    Extremely fast upload and push, weak online upload optimization, enabling streamers’ recorded files to be uploaded very quickly.

  • Short Video Platform
    The production and sharing of short videos can be uploaded quickly to enhance the user experience.

  • Media Website
    News material upload and UGC material upload are accelerated to improve the timeliness of content.

Customer Cases

  • 华为
  • 小米
  • 花椒直播
  • 美图