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Extensive Global Coverage

More than 300 nodes deployed around the world, establishing a high-speed transmission network covering 160 large and medium-sized cities around the world.

Efficient Transmission

Through a number of core technologies such as routing optimization, protocol optimization and link optimization, the access speed can be increased by 50%-80% in China and 100%-500% in overseas regions.

Flexible Access Mode and Better Protocol Compatibility

Supports domain name access, HTTPDNS access, device access, client software and other access methods, and acceleration of all applications based on transport layer protocols (TCP, UDP).

Comprehensive Security Protection

Provide security protection functions such as source server concealment, blacklist and whitelist management, regional access control, and anti-D, which can be activated as quickly as needed to defend against external attacks in real time to ensure the security of the server.


  • Multiple Transmission Optimizations

    Provide acceleration services for various application systems based on transport layer protocols (TCP, UDP) to greatly improve access speed and user experience.

    • Acceleration services for various application systems based on transport layer protocols (TCP, UDP), and combines four WAN optimization technologies, namely routing optimization, link optimization, protocol optimization and content optimization, to significantly improve the speed of dynamic data return-to-source interaction, access speed and user experience.
  • Stable Transmission

    Multiplexing ensures that even when a path experience jitters, the data transmission can still be kept at a stable level.

    • Multiplex transmission ensures that stable data transmission can be maintained when certain path jitter occurs, and data link redundancy packets are implemented for UDP data.
    • For the accelerated transmission of long-connection services, the current latest path (latency, packet loss and other factors) can be refreshed in real time to ensure the stability of the current link quality and improve the anti-jitter capabilities of the link in long-connection transmission.
  • High Availability

    Functions such as multi-source load, instant switchover and multi-group coverage ensure the normal operation of the website.

    • Multi-source load balancing: when an enterprise has multiple source servers, the network sink node can detect and judge the load capacity of each source server, and divert requests to different source servers according to weight for multi-source load balancing.
    • Instant switchover: through intelligent network monitoring, when the main source, intermediate node or link is running in a abnormal state, the node can be switched over instantly without users noticing any interruptions.
    • Multi-group coverage: each region can be covered by multiple platform nodes, and when there is a problem with a certain edge node, it will be switched over in real time to ensure the normal operation of the enterprise business.
  • Visualized Display of Operation Data

    With the visualization portal platform, providing services such as bandwidth traffic statistics, user distribution statistics, log download, etc., to help enterprises determine the operational situation in real time.




  • Manufacturing Application System Acceleration
  • Financial Service Application Acceleration
  • Global Gaming Interaction Data Acceleration
  • Supporting all types of manufacturing office applications and ERP, DMS and other business system application acceleration.
  • Compatible with IPV6 to for the rapid IPV6 upgrade of manufacturing industry.
  • Extensive resource coverage, high density, global users access nearby nodes.
  • Automatic switching of multiple connections to ensure the reliability of the system.
  • Provides a variety of security protection capabilities.
  • Supporting financial service applications such as payment systems, market trend data push, and video account registration.
  • Extensive resource coverage, users access nearby nodes.
  • A number of quality domestic links to achieve national high-speed interconnection.
  • Supports certificateless HTTPS acceleration to meet compliance requirements.
  • Provides a variety of security protection capabilities.
  • Supporting gaming scenarios such as account login, item trading, match instructions, and voice chat.
  • Extensive resource coverage, global users access nearby nodes.
  • A large number of BGP nodes to ensure excellent cross-operator and cross-border network experience.
  • Supports non-HTTP protocol transmission scenarios in gaming business.
  • Provides a variety of security protection capabilities to reduce the risk of attack.
  • The access scheme can be customized according to the game architecture.

Customer Cases

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  • 联想
  • 海尔
  • 建行
  • 华为