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Efficient Censorship

Processing hundreds of millions of image content audit on a daily basis, massive throughput, efficient censorship of UGC and PGC content.

High Accuracy

The recognition accuracy is more than 99%, which greatly reduces the risk and cost of manual censorship.

Millisecond Response

Intelligent censorship works 24 hours a day, providing feedback on image censorship results in milliseconds


Pornographic Content Recognition

Intelligent recognition of pornographic and obscene content in video images, and real-time feedback on the recognition results of AI detection.

Violent Content Recognition

Accurately identify weapons and ammunition, gore, sensitive figures, specific symbology, special clothing and other scenes in videos, to reduce content risk.

Custom Content Recognition

Provide custom censorship content and exclusive content identification strategies according to business characteristics, to better adopt the censorship standard with the customer’s business scenario.


  • VOD Censorship
  • Live Streaming Censorship

Suitable for UGC short videos, video websites and other censorship scenarios:

  • Real-time detection of illegal video content uploaded by users of UGC short video community.
  • Efficiently identify illegal, pornographic and other inappropriate scenes in VOD videos.

Ideal for censorship scenarios such as live shows, live streaming games, live stream e-commerce promotions and so on:

  • Support 0.2s top response speed of single image, and support high concurrency identification of thousands of live streams.
  • Real-time monitoring and identification of live video stream images, interactive on-screen comments, etc.
  • Efficient identification and verification of video advertising content such as QR code, Wechat, phone number and so on.