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High Definition at a Lower Bitrate

Based on the optimal human visual experience, it not only reduces the bitrate, but also provides a clearer viewing experience and saves bandwidth.

Intelligent Recognition, Dynamic Adoption

Intelligently identify video content, deal with complex scene images in more detail, make the picture quality more clear and delicate, and achieve scores of VMAF and MOS better than the original video.

Video Quality Restructuring

Improve the video quality of the film through adaptive noise reduction, color enhancement, artifact removal and other restoration techniques.

Intelligent HD Application

Enhancement on details easily focused by the human eye: faces, models, etc., enhanced texture.

Weakening of areas that are easy overlooked by the human eye: background, props, scattered details.


  • Intelligent Processing of Video Elements
    Enhance the details of the complex elements such as characters and props in the video, weaken other non-essential areas, greatly reduce the bitrate, and are widely used in games and entertainment live streaming.
  • HD Reproduction of Source Image
    Provide video websites with HD reproduction and picture quality restoration services for variety, movies and TV series sources, so as to improve picture quality and reduce bandwidth costs.