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Real-time Enhancement, Fast and Efficient

Accurate and proven AI enhancement model for rapid reconstruction of high-definition video.

6 Types of Effects for Mix and Match

Resolution reconstruction, color enhancement, denoising, artifacts removal, etc. six major functions of lightweight decoupling, ready to mix and match.

Intelligent Image Quality Identification

With a pre-picture quality discriminator, intelligently identifying the video quality with adaptive processing, and reduce the amount of manual tasks.


Super Resolution Enhancement

Based on the AI super-resolution model, the local missing information in low-definition images can be accurately restored to achieve 2 or 3 times of super-resolution.

Video Quality Restoration

Through processing techniques such as artifact removal, noise reduction, sharpening and high frame rate reset, the noise, burr, artifact, blurry mosaic and jitter in the video can be effectively eliminated, at the same time, the smoothness of the video can be improved and user frustration can be reduced.

Intelligent Bitrate Adoption

By identifying the video type and graphic content, the best parameters are intelligently selected according to the human vision model, and the bitrate is dynamically adapted.

Color enhancement

Adaptive adjustment of color, brightness, contrast, saturation and other aspects in the image can significantly improve the visual effect of the video.


  • Short Video Enhancement
  • Vintage Video Restoration
  • Traditional TV and Film Format Conversion

The quality of the short videos uploaded by users can be unpredictable, and there are many noises and blurred images. For manual identification of video quality, the labor cost is extremely high:

  • Through adaptive noise artifact elimination, body edge smoothing and other processing, the image quality details are preserved to the maximum extent and the video experience is enhanced.
  • The picture quality is determined by the picture quality discriminator, and the adaptive enhancement model repairs the image reduce the input of manual screening.

Old movies, TV dramas and documentaries have been stored for a long time, and after the film is converted into digital formats, it often produce noise, scratches, gray colors and other phenomena, which can not meet the standard of large screen HD:

  • Through denoising and scratching, super-resolution technology, color enhancement and other processing, the stock of old video can be reborn in high definition.

The 4K format of radio and television is a special case, which shall meet the requirements of BT.2020 color gamut, 50p high frame rate and 10 bit depth all at the same time. Using intranet transmission, it is difficult to access the video repair technology on the public network and cannot meet the broadcasting standards of high-definition channels:

  • Supports the 4K standard of ultra high definition of radio and television, and provides a full conversion solution from 1080p to 4K, SDR to HDR,BT.790 to BT.2020, 8bit bit depth to 10bit 50i frame rate to 50p.
  • By providing localized private services, the repair and reproduction of old films can be realized on the intranet, and the privacy of radio and television media can be fully protected.