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Ultra High Definition Video Quality

Covering all mainstream formats, H.264/H.265 coding, video, high-definition video, with low cost.

Fast Transcoding, Efficient and Stable

Distributed real-time transcoding cluster, which supports dynamic adjustment of transcoding resources on demand, automatic capacity expansion, and flexible response to massive concurrent transcoding demand.

Easy to Use with Visualized Access

Custom configuration parameter template, visual workflow task design and processing, fully open API interface and access documents, convenient and efficient service interfacing.

Flexible Application and Expansion on Demand

Fully enabling the media processing features in live streaming and VOD scenarios, including transcoding, splicing, cutting, direction and other functions, which can be used in combination as needed.


  • Audio and Video Transcoding

    Support full format transencapsulation, resolution conversion, H.264/H.265 coding, intelligent HD, dynamic and static watermarking, subtitles and other functions. Combined with custom transcoding parameters, it can be flexibly configured to meet the application requirements of various scenarios.

    • Video transcoding: supports the conversion from one bitrate and resolution into several bitrate and resolution video files to enhance viewing experience of users in different network environments; it also supports the conversion between H264 and H265.
    • Intelligent HD: a video coding technology aimed at optimal user experience, which reduces the bit rate of transmission and greatly saves the cost of bandwidth without perceivable reducing in video quality.
    • Transcoding templates: preset transcoding templates and custom transcoding templates to meet various transcoding needs and improve transcoding efficiency.
    • Audio and video cutting: for video files on cloud storage, users can cut videos with a specified start time and length, and users may cut more than one segments at once.
    • Cloud workflow: visualized configuration process, a collection of operations for a series of media processing operations in a streamlined approach, once triggered to initiate, the workflow will automatically complete multiple tasks.
    • Watermark: add text, image and video watermarks to the video. Users can customize and specify the location and transparency of the watermark. Multiple watermarks can be added at once, also supporting different display time of the watermarks to create watermark transitions.
    • Video splicing: splicing multiple videos into one. Ideal for inserting ads at the beginning and end of videos, or splicing multiple recorded video clips into one.
  • Video Screenshot

    Support the production of static covers, dynamic covers, and sprite images from videos to meet the needs of on-demand and live scenarios and improve view count users.

    • Video screenshot: take screenshots of videos in a variety of encapsulation and coding formats on cloud storage, supporting single screenshot, interval screenshot, average screenshot, etc.
    • Sprite: capture a series of pictures in JPG and PNG format and output them as sprite.
    • Video cover: create a video thumbnail cover by automatically keyframing or screenshot customization.
    • Dynamic video summary: intelligently extract a set of screenshots from the video to form a dynamic video summary to boost interest on the content, supports GIF and WebP formats and user-defined capture rules.
  • Video Quality Enhancement

    Video super-resolution technology based on deep convolution neural network can intelligently enhance visual effects and definition, remove burr, artifact noise, mosaic, etc., improve video quality, and meet the requirements of short video enhancement, old film renovation and 4K reproduction.

    • Super-resolution enhancement: based on the AI super-resolution model, the local missing information in low-definition images can be accurately restored to achieve 2 times or 3 times super-resolution, which can significantly improve the visual experience of watching videos.
    • Image quality restoration: through artifact removal, noise reduction, sharpening and other processing techniques, effectively eliminate noise, burr, artifact, blurred mosaic, jitter and so on in the video.
    • High frame rate reset: motion estimation using convolution neural network model, combined with 3D pixel stream to reconstruct missing frame content, remaster low frame rate video in high frame rate, and video inconsistencies.
    • SDR to HDR: brings richer colors and more vivid details to the video by improving brightness, dynamic range, color gamut, color depth and so on, together with resolution reconstruction technology.
  • AI Video Highlights

    AI Video Highlights intelligently identifies the wonderful moments in the video, automatically synthesizes the content, and provide support for custom advertisement embedding. It is suitable for video scenarios such as gaming and sports events.

  • Video Censorship

    Intelligent and accurate identification of pornographic, violent, terrorism and politically related content, illegal advertising and other content, support the identification of custom obscene scenes, save manual audit costs, and reduce the risk of platform violations.

  • Video Editing

    Online video editing tools to achieve a series of operations such as audio and video splicing, cutting and subtitle creation, so as to improve the efficiency of content production.

  • Video Copyright Protection

    HLS standardized encryption (AES-128) and the widely recognized DRM international standard encrypted video copyright protection solutions (PiayReady/WideVine/FairPlay) to protect video content from piracy.

  • Cloud Directing Booth

    Putting the directors booth into the cloud, traditional direction tasks such as switching can be performed in the cloud, supports multi-stream input, one-way confluence output, and with the director template, picture control, audio control, on-screen comment, watermark addition and other functions.


  • Video Websites
  • Short Videos
  • Live Streaming
  • Online Education
  • Media and TV
  • Multi-device transcoding across platforms (computers, smart phones, tablets, televisions) to meet the needs of online video viewing.
  • Ultra-high bitrate audio and video compression and AI video processing technology to provide ultra-high definition video viewing experience.
  • Protect the exclusive content copyright of the video platform and avoid loss caused by piracy.
  • Comprehensive and efficient video media processing to fully address the massive video production demand of short video UGC business.
  • High concurrent video support capacity, concurrencies are no longer the bane of short video platform.
  • Video cover, video compression and video quality optimization to enrich the operation and user experience of the short video platform.
  • Content intelligent censorship reduces censorship costs and helps with operational compliance.
  • Extensive video media processing functions, live streaming dynamic cover, highlights, streaming content recording and retention, on-demand file rotation, live broadcast forwarding third parties, etc., to quickly build a variety of business operations for the entertainment live streaming platform.
  • Rich video processing functions to help educational institutions quickly set up online video teaching business.
  • Diversified, real-time and efficient transcoding capability to meet the playback needs of different devices in different networks.
  • Comprehensive copyright protection to prevent the original content from being stolen, sold, and recorded causing financial losses to educational institutions.
  • Live streaming video delay and time shift replay to fully address the needs of live streaming security and stable operation of large events.
  • Comprehensive audio and video management and video editing make the video production management of radio and television media more professional and efficient.
  • Live streaming content recording and storage, content review, fully address the content compliance requirements of media, radio and television.
  • Intelligent control of high-definition, video quality enhancement and other AI content processing capabilities to provide a more high-definition picture quality look and feel.

Customer Cases

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