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More Comprehensive DRM Solution Support

With access, users can use a variety of international mainstream DRM encryption technologies to support video encryption with different resolutions from 480p to 8K.

Comprehensive Content Protection

Build comprehensive copyright protection from content file layer, distribution and transmission layer to user viewing layer, and greatly reduce the risk of protected content being copied.

Automated Protection

Through the collaboration such as monitoring, alert, automatic processing, once click emergency response, the automated protection of copyright is realized.


File Encryption

Support lightweight (HLS standard encryption) encryption, hardware-level encryption (PlayReady, WideVine, FairPlay and other international mainstream DRM encryption systems).

Anti-hotlink Protection.

Support conventional referer anti-hotlink protection, IP blacklist and whitelist, UA anti-hotlink protection, timestamp anti-hotlink protection, Cookie anti-hotlink protection, return-to-source authentication anti-hotlink protection, and exclusive central authentication hotlink protection throughout the network to achieve multiple protection.

By means of online population monitoring and bandwidth fluctuation monitoring, protective alerts are provided, and an automatic processing mechanism can be agreed upon to realize automatic anti-hotlink protection.

Viewing Layer Protection

By marking copyright, LOGO, watermark, racing lantern, pop-up window and so on, screen recording can be effectively prevented and lightweight protection can be realized.

One-click Ban

Emergency response when copyright infringement, pornography, terrorism and other phenomena occur, with one click to ban the live stream channel and delete the entire platform immediately.


  • VOD
  • Video Live Streaming
  • Intelligent copyright protection saves time and effort on the copyright examination of mass video-on-demand files.
  • Three levels of three-dimensional protection to reduce the risk of copyrighted video disclosure and prevent the economic loss of the platform.
  • For the UGC platform, it prevents the sudden increase in bandwidth cost caused by users uploading illegal content (cinema copyrighted resources).
  • Return-to-source authentication protects live video platform in preventing bandwidth cost loss caused by illegal use of push-pull stream domain name.
  • Online number monitoring intelligently monitors the number of live streams online, and carries out alert and automatic processing when the threshold is reached, automatically banning streams and removing illegal content from the server within seconds.

Customer Cases

  • 爱奇艺
  • 网易
  • 字节跳动