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Easy to Use with Multi-device Compatibility

Visualized interface operation, launch live streams anytime and anywhere, supporting smartphones, iPad, PC and other devices, open teaching with one click. Also supporting APIs/SDKs to enable enterprises to use on demand and empower the platform.

Real-time Interaction, More Efficient Teaching

Based on advanced WebRTC, providing multi-person, low-latency audio and video interaction. Diverse interactive formats, triple split-screen, real-time questions, classroom attendance check, chat rooms, etc.

Comprehensive Copyright Protection

Multiple copyright protection mechanisms such as video encryption, playback authorization, anti-hotlink protection and measures against screen recording, to protect the security of teaching content in all aspects.

Extensive Data Statistics to Improve Efficiency

Multi-dimensional data analysis such as course statistics, attendance and answer statistics to make teaching operation more efficient and simple, and improve the quality of online teaching.


Teaching Interaction

Interactive streaming: supports multi-device interaction of web page, client, smartphone and tablet.

Chat questions: support the interaction between teachers and students through text chat, and answering questions through the question module.

Interactive answers: where students post questions, and teachers answer questions online in real time.

Class roll call: class roll call to reflect students’ online engagement.

Teaching Tools

Documentation whiteboard: multi-format document conversion, extensive whiteboard applications such as brushes/text/images.

Courseware sharing: supports the sharing of word, PPT, images, audio, video and other courseware.

Screen sharing: supports the sharing of screens, applications, etc., which is convenient for teachers to demonstrate and explain content.

Experience Optimization

Based on Wangsu’s efficient and stable live streaming intelligent distribution system, supporting unlimited online classes, while ensuring a smooth, stable and high-quality interactive classroom experience for teachers and students.

Class Replay

Classroom video is recorded in the cloud, chat rooms, whiteboards and documents are recorded synchronously and displayed in real time. Students/teachers can review and replay through links provided.

Teaching Security

Multiple security protection mechanisms such as timestamp anti-hotlink protection and return-to-source authentication, with measures such as marquee effects and watermarks to discourage screen recording and ensure the security of teaching content.

Statistical Data

Provide statistical analysis of classroom-related data, make it easy to track the teaching results of each classroom, enable teachers to gain feedback and adjust strategies in time.




  • Large Class
  • Small Class
  • Conference & Training

Mainly targeting K12, language training, vocational education, well-rounded education and other fields, for large online class classes, open classes live streaming:

  • One-way live streaming of teaching, students’ concurrent viewing is not limited, providing a smooth teaching experience.
  • Students may raise their hands to initiate 1v1 or 1vX interactive stream connection with the teacher.
  • The rest of the students keep watching the interaction between the teacher and the student connected to the stream
  • The role of “teaching assistant” can be adopted to help manage the classroom.
  • At the end of the class, users may replay the recorded content and view any stored teaching content.

Mainly targeting K12, language training, for 1v1 tutoring classes, or small classes with a small number of students:

  • All the members of the class are live streaming by default, and the students and teachers speak and communicate on the stream automatically.
  • Supports up to 12 students for real-time audio and video interaction with teachers.
  • The role of “supervisor" can be adopted to provide supervision on learning results and teaching quality without interrupting the class.
  • A small class featuring multi-person real-time audio and video interaction with enterprise video conferencing in mind.
  • Large class setups are suitable for enterprises with significant amount of remotely distributed employees and require cross-regional training interaction.
  • Diverse streaming classroom functions such as roll call, document sharing, interactive whiteboard, banning and removal to enrich the effect of conference discussion and online training.