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Video Processing with Integrated Service

One-stop convenient and easy-to-use video editing and management platform. Provide a variety of video processing services such as transcoding, editing and splicing to support automatic flow processing and improve the efficiency of video processing.

Multi-device Playback

Open API with lightweight SDK can be seamlessly embedded in websites, APP, etc., making it easy for enterprises to quickly integrate with their own business systems, and also compatible with mobile phone, PC, tablets, OTT and other multi-device playback scenarios.

Global Coverage

Global coverage of node resources, nearest optimal access. Adaptive bitrates, optimized for smooth playback under weak network conditions.

AI Empowerment

Super-resolution model based on artificial intelligence to improve video quality. Intelligently identify the video type and reduce the bitrate on the premise of maintaining video quality. AI video censorship to intelligently identify pornographic,

Comprehensive Copyright Protection

Deep encryption of file layer, authorization based playback, diversified anti-hotlink protection to prevent video from being downloaded and pirated. Dynamic marquee effect + custom watermark to discourage recording streaming videos.

Multi-dimensional Data Analysis

Deep encryption of file layer, authorization based playback, diversified anti-hotlink protection to prevent video from being downloaded and pirated. Dynamic flashing spots+ custom watermark to discourage recording streaming videos.


  • Audio and Video Upload

    Extensive format support, flexible upload, hosting files with cloud VOD

    • Multiple upload methods are supported: visual upload, SDK upload, API upload, live stream recording, etc.
    • Upload acceleration: support functions such as divided upload of large files, upload from breakpoints, and acceleration to optimize upload efficiency.
  • Video Management

    Web console and open API to facilitate easy management and control of video services

    • Web management console: provides a visualized environment to manage video business, including video management, cloud editing, and global configuration.
    • Open API interface: a series of open API interfaces, including video query, editing, task trigger, and callback.
  • Video Processing

    Diversified media processing functions to meet the needs of enterprises for video applications in different scenarios

    • Video transcoding: converting one bitrate input into multiple bitrate outputs for video viewing on different devices.
    • Intelligent HD: by intelligently identifying the scenario and dynamically matching better coding parameters, provide clearer video quality and save bitrate at the same time.
    • Video quality enhancement: video super-resolution technology based on artificial intelligence rebuilds low-definition videos into high-definition videos.
  • Video Playback

    Multi-device, cross-platform playback to ensure a stable and smooth video viewing experience

    • Player SDK: provides PC and mobile players to support customers’ multi-device and cross-platform video playback service.
    • Global acceleration: based on Wangsu’s global intelligent platform, combined with the intelligent scheduling system, to provide a high-quality CDN distribution services.
  • Copyright Protection

    Extensive content copyright protection measures to fully protect customers' content copyright and economic interests

    • Customized anti-hotlink protection: a variety of customized anti-hotlink protection, such as basic anti-hotlink protection, timestamp, central authentication, and return-to-source authentication.
    • Digital encryption: multi-encapsulation format DRM encryption to protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers at the file level.
    • Copyright notes: watermark, LOGO, racing lantern or pop-up window to mark copyright information to prevent screenshot.
    • Ban & delay: instantly place/lift the ban on illegal URL, and video playback delay.
  • Video AI

    Based on AI deep learning technology, provides video AI services for multiple application scenarios

    • Video highlights: intelligently identify video types, wonderful scenes, and automatically capture the scenes to generate highlight videos.
    • Video censorship: video content is reviewed by AI identification technology to determine whether pornographic or terrorism related content is involved.
  • Intelligent Operation

    Multi-dimensional statistical analysis service to provide effective video operation data

    • Business statistics: statistics of relevant video data, including the number of views, from a business point of view, so as to facilitate the accurate operation of enterprises.
    • Quality statistics: collect data related to video playback effect from the perspective of video viewing quality to improve and optimize the quality of service on the CDN side.




  • Online Education
  • Media and TV VOD
  • Government/Enterprise VOD
  • Based on the global high-speed distribution network, students’ experience and quality of watching courses are completely guaranteed.
  • Multi-dimensional copyright protection and transmission encryption to protect the teaching content of the platform from pirating.
  • Multi-device player + transcoding to meet multi-device and cross-platform teaching requirements and customization.
  • One-stop service, convenient and rapid interfacing and management applications, to support storage expansion, address high pressure and other cost issues.
  • Online editing, multi-bitrate transcoding, watermark overlay, marquee subtitles and other functions for online processing of media assets.
  • Video encryption + decryption player + security authentication + various anti-hotlink protection, comprehensive copyright mechanism to ensure the exclusivity of news content.
  • Extensive resource coverage around the world to meet the demand of multi-device playback, and provide a smooth, consistent and high-quality viewing experience for users around the world.
  • Visualized audio and video management, open and standardized API interface, easy interfacing and rapid launch.
  • Video encryption + security authentication + multiple anti-hotlink protection, comprehensive copyright protection mechanism to improve the security of video resources.
  • Intelligent transcoding, H265, intelligent HD and other features to optimize video effects and reduce video transmission costs.
  • 5G + UHD video application (4K, 8K, VR level) distribution platform, and full device compatibility, comprehensive support for viewing experience.

Customer Cases

  • 央视网
  • 视睿科技
  • 大象融媒
  • 长安汽车
  • 拓课云