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Global Coverage

Global coverage of node resources, supporting concurrency in the scale of tens of millions. Providing network QoS strategy to ensure a high-definition, and smooth live streaming experience under complex network conditions.

Excellent Video Quality

Wangsu’s proprietary intelligent HD technology and comprehensive cloud H.265 solutions provide better video quality at the same bit rate to further enhance the user experience.

One-stop Service

Support one-stop access to the entire live streaming process, such as push, real-time processing, cloud direction, distribution, and playback.

Streamlined Development

Open API with lightweight SDK can be seamlessly embedded in websites, APP, etc., making it easy for enterprises to quickly integrate with their own business systems, and also compatible with mobile phone, PC, tablets, OTT and other multi-device playback scenarios.

Multiple Safeguards for Content Security

Based on AI recognition technology and instant banning mechanism to provide real-time censorship and control of live broadcast content, multiple anti-hotlink protection combinations to prevent live stream from being illegally pushed to other destinations.

Multi-dimensional Data Analysis

Multi-dimensional data (cloud-channel-device) statistical analysis provides effective video operation data for enterprises and helps with accurate operations.


  • Live Streaming

    Provide Andriod and iOS pusher SDK, embedding to realize stream push. Multiple management and control technologies to meet the security and censorship requirements of live streaming content in all aspects.

    • Audio and video capture: support the camera and microphone to collect audio and video data separately.

    • Audio and video processing: support a variety of audio and video processing capabilities, such as beautification filter, reverberation, headphone noise reduction, and watermarking.

    • Edge push: adjust the transmission strategy combined with weak network enhancement technology to push stream to a better CDN node to reduce interruptions and slow pull stream caused by uplink transmission.

  • Video Playback

    Fast access to multi-platform playback SDK to provide high-quality playback experience on different devices.

    • Multi-device playback: provide web and mobile player SDKs, to meet the live streaming needs on different devices.
    • Instant loading: accurately locate the device position, quickly send the video stream to the player, and realize instant loading by means such as long connections.
    • Personalized playback: support live streaming rewind and PIP preview to meet different playback needs of end users.
  • Video Transcoding

    Adapt different bitrates with different live streaming content and different devices.

    • Dynamic transcoding: depending on the network environment of the user device, intelligently adapt the most appropriate bitrate to ensure smooth user viewing experience.
    • Intelligent HD: by intelligently identifying the scene and dynamically matching better coding parameters, providing clearer video quality while conserving bitrate.
    • H.265: support for H.265 HEVC save 50% on bandwidth while maintaining the same video quality.
  • Live Streaming Security Control

    Multiple management and control technologies to meet the security and censorship requirements of live streaming content.

    • Video censorship: based on deep learning, enable real-time identification and censorship of the content on the streaming channel, including pornographic, and terrorism-related content.
    • Instant banning: real-time disconnection of live streaming channel to prevent the spread of illegal content.
    • Live streaming delay: live streaming content is played back with a delay to accommodate censorship of live streaming and other specific business requirements.
    • Copyright protection: basic anti-hotlink protection, timestamp anti-hotlink protection, central authentication anti-hotlink protection, return-to-source authentication anti-hotlink protection, etc., to ensure security of live streaming content.
  • Statistical Analysis

    Multi-dimensional (cloud-channel-device) statistical analysis service to provide customers with effective video operation data.

    • Business statistics: uniformly display big data statistical results, including business statistics and quality statistics, to enable customers to operate accurately based on the analysis results.
    • Real-time monitoring: real-time monitoring of live streaming content and push information quality, etc., and targeted control of live streaming content and quality optimization.
  • Cloud Direction

    Facilitate all the operations of the traditional direction in the cloud and can be activated on demand, which is ideal for business scenarios such as press conferences, live events, live sports, live conferences, etc.

    -Web cloud direction: users can access multiple live streaming sources and ultimately output a single stream. In the process, the user may switch between sources and various screen compositions, as well as supporting value-added video matting, watermarking, transition effects, and so on.




  • Educational Live Streaming
  • Media and TV live streaming
  • Finance Live Streaming
  • Government/Enterprise Live Streaming
  • Global resource support to meet the requirements of easy access for teachers both overseas and at home, and to ensure a low-latency viewing experience for students.
  • One-stop integrated service of live streaming, recording, storage and playback, which facilitates the integration of education vendors.
  • Security of live streaming: multiple anti-hotlink protection support to prevent live streaming from being pirated.
  • Multi-device players, whiteboards, documents and other value-added services to meet teaching requirements and customization needs.
  • Sufficient bandwidth resources to support the concurrence of major events such as Spring Festival Gala and the World Cup.
  • Embedding SDK of end-to-end live streaming push and pull streams optimized for weak networks to improve the production quality of mobile new media live streaming.
  • Professional cloud direction to realize the combination and switching of remote and multi-camera shots, reduce the cost of hardware direction, and improve the effect of event live streaming.
  • Integrated live streaming recording, storage, editing, splicing, release and playback to meet the requirements of rapid release of media assets.
  • An one-stop financial live streaming solution including stream pusher and player, to help customers quickly build their own live streaming channels.
  • Through end-to-end quality optimization and multi-device and multi-network environment customization, live broadcast scenarios with strict latency requirements can be successfully met.
  • Multiple anti-hotlink protection and return-to-source authentication to protect the copyright of live streamed videos, and protect the rights and interests of paying users.
  • Ideal for live streaming scenarios of various events including product launch, enterprise new year celebrations, and summit forums.
  • Live streaming can be launched at the click of a button, eliminating page development, enabling fast integration, and convenient sharing and dissemination of content.
  • Private protocol transmission is used in combination with precise scheduling to control the live streaming latency and ensure the interactive experience of events.
  • Supported by on-site technical personnel, with comprehensive specialist services to ensure smooth live streaming.

Customer Cases

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