Video Uploading

Wangsu’s intelligent cloud video platform enables AI and big data technologies in all video service processes and implements product intelligence based on operational intelligence. With the support of content delivery networks worldwide, it realizes product intelligence across the entire video chain, from video production to processing, delivery and playback, and provides full support for VOD (short and long videos), live streaming and other services.

Wangsu’s video uploading solution emphatically solves the problems of file transmission instability, slow speeds and high uploading failure rate caused by network issues. It supports multiple uploading modes, such as loading by APPs, Client, webpages, servers and so on, and can improve source sites’ processing capacity and help users to quickly share contents.



Uploading SDK: Wangsu’s dedicated uploading SDK supports both the PC end and the mobile end. Through SDK, intelligent routing, adaptive data compression, garbage data blockade and other network transmission technologies are applied at the last mile to achieve the effect of fast video uploading

Intelligent authentication: After a website/APP accesses Wangsu’s video uploading accelerator service, contents uploaded by end users will enter a review cluster asynchronously in parallel through the traffic of the Wangsu platform. Without affecting user experience, it will also concurrently play the role of identifying pornographic, violence and politically sensitive information. Before contents are uploaded to the source site, the uploaded pictures and videos will be examined and identified. This will increase the rate of healthy contents uploaded.

https accelerator: Wangsu’s video uploading service fully supports https, as well as the automatic encryption, deployment and secure use of certificates and private keys. Without making too much modification, source sites can both maintain fast video uploading and guarantee uploading security.

Zero-delay disaster recovery switchover: When a website is supported by primary and standby sources or primary and standby storage, Wangsu’s video uploading service can enable the disaster recovery mechanism for a seamless switchover. The switchover process is fluent to the point that users will not be aware of the process taking place, thus ensuring high business availability.

Network security reinforcement: After Wangsu’s video uploading service is enabled, the source site IP will be concealed, thus offering an extra layer of protection. At the same time, the black-and-white list, anti-tampering, DNS anti-hijacking and other protection mechanisms supported by the platform will securely isolate risks at the content entrance. The platform can sustain Tbps-level bursts and ensure website security.