Wangsu’s intelligent cloud video platform enables AI and big data technologies in all video service processes and implements product intelligence based on operational intelligence. With the support of content delivery networks worldwide, it realizes product intelligence across the entire video chain, from video production to processing, delivery and playback, and provides full support for VOD (short and long videos), live streaming and other services.

CloudV, which stands for Cloud Video, is an integrated video service solution at the enterprise level. It is mainly used for video services in enterprises, government departments, organizations, online education, security protection monitoring, online healthcare and other industrial scenarios (such as: product release conferences, online lectures and so on). The solution provides two core services (cloud live streaming and cloud VOD) and consists of nine major functional modules (e.g. cloud uploading, cloud stream push, cloud transcoding, cloud storage, cloud accelerator, cloud encryption, cloud control, cloud playing, and cloud statistics). It flexibly allocates resources based on the needs of specific scenarios and helps enterprises to lower the technical thresholds and application costs of website creation and help users stay more focused on main business operations.



Cloud VOD

Video uploading: Provides two file uploading modes, namely WEB uploading and SDK uploading, to ensure that video files can be quickly uploaded to cloud storage centers and offer uploading accelerator services based on actual needs.

Multi-device and cross-platform playback: Supports high-quality playback of videos on different devices such as PC, tablet and smartphones. Based on their own business needs, customers can select a suitable player to implement streaming media solutions.

Video coding and control: Fast, convenient and efficient video coding and control functions, which include video transcoding, basic video information management, video release code and so on, and can support easy management and control of video services.

Copyright protection: Exclusive network-wide central authentication anti-hotlinking technology which enables multiple protection in combination with link anti-hijacking policy, video DRM encryption technology and instant deletion, one-click streaming ban and other functions, to offer greater video copyright security and safeguards, across the video, delivery and playback levels.

Data statistics analysis: Provides multidimensional statistical data, including traffic, bandwidth, playback and other data.

Interactive sharing: Supports video watermark, micro window previewing and other functions that meet personalized demands and add more value to businesses.

Video inter-cut: After live streaming interruptions, automatically requests the preset videos on demand to replace live streaming, thus enhancing user experience.

Rich API interfaces: Provides rich API interfaces to facilitate the calling of cloud VOD data in accordance with business demand.

Network-wide VOD accelerator: With Wangsu’s efficient and stable streaming media cloud delivery platform as a support, the accelerator ensures fluent, stable and high-quality VOD viewing experience for end users.

Cloud live streaming

HD live streaming push: Supports RTMP live streaming of PC, TV station, satellite, video camera and other live streaming video signals pushed through coding hardware or software, and provide OBS delay optimization SDK to reduce delays caused by the stream push end and improve real-time streaming.

Multi-device and cross-platform playback: Provide PC and mobile-end players to meet customer demand for multi-device and cross-platform video playback services.

Channel control copyright protection: Fast, convenient and efficient live streaming channel control functions, including channel creation, channel management, real-time transcoding, multi-protocol conversion, live streaming recording, video release code and so on, to ensure easy control over live streaming services.

Big data statistics analysis: Multidimensional statistics analysis services at cloud, pipe and end levels, and provide customers with effective video operation data.

Rich API interfaces: Provide rich API interfaces to facilitate the calling of cloud VOD data in meeting business needs.

Network-wide live streaming accelerator: With Wangsu’s efficient and stable streaming media cloud delivery platform as a support, ensure fluent, stable and high-quality stream viewing experience for end users.