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Efficient transmission channel for mass data

In this era of cloud computing, the increasing demand for big data transmission of enterprises requires effective transmission acceleration services. Through proprietary transmission tools, efficient transmission protocols, high-speed transmission network, as well as intelligent management and control platform, the product forms an end-to-end transmission acceleration system, providing one-stop data transmission solutions for enterprises. The product meets enterprise big data transmission timeliness, stability and security needs, especially in long distance, cross-operator and other harsh transmission environments to provide efficient and stable transmission protection.

Application Scenarios

Advantages & Value

Rapid deployment

Flexible deployment of hardware and software, support software, SDK, browser plug-ins and hardware equipment deployment, etc.

Guaranteed security

Transmission content encryption, private protocol protection, supports authentication, business isolation, dynamic transmission, data are not cached.

Highly cost-effective

Zero modification to the existing network, enable public networks to perform as dedicated lines, may also act as a backup for dedicated lines, eliminates future maintenance needs.

Product Features

Abundant data transmission optimization functions

Incremental data transmission, data compression transmission, piecewise transmission, breakpoint resumption.

Diversified management approaches

Transmission priority control, time interval transmission speed setting, account permission control, transmission data directory permission control.

Encrypted data transmission

Multi-dimensional monitoring

Value-added Services

Provides a complete solution from transmission to storage

Support for large-scale data delivery services

Rich reporting capabilities and business analysis tools