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Secure and stable download accelerating service

Dedicated to solve the slow speed, content hijacking, bandwidth burst and etc. problems when user download files as well as elevating the downloading speed and availability. Wangsu download accelerator can provide end users with high-speed, stable and secure experience, which in turn enhance user stickiness to the product and elevate the brand image.

Application Scenarios

Advantages & Value

Private Transmission Protocol

Private transmission protocol optimization, tremendously improve the download speed

Full link anti-hijacking/Tamper-resistant

Realize the first mile, the middle mile and the last mile as a whole anti- hijacking, thus completely solve the hijacking problem.

T-level bandwidth burst

Can bear a payload of millions of user requests at the same time and support T level bandwidth burst.

Product Features

Ultra Large File Delivery

For client ultra large files (size >=100G), there is no need to be separated physically at source site, thus effectively decline customer administration cost and speed content delivery up.

WMP mobile bilateral accelerating

Through server and client bilateral protocol customized optimization and thoroughly information exchange, better avoid congestion and transmit data, which promote mobile APP download capacity by 10-40%.

Anti-hijacking and tamper proof

Multiple effective anti-hijacking and tamper resistant functions, include HTTPS, HTTPSDNS, dynamic feature index verification, vertical file content verification and horizontal file content verification.

Anti- hotlink

Multiple effective anti-hotlink functions include head hotlink protection, return-to-source authentication hotlink protection, certification authority hotlink protection and etc.

Value-added Services

Advanced log service

According to the customized fields in log, combine logs in different periods, filter specified URL log and provide FTP automatically upload function.


Condition code monitoring service

Provide proportion of various CDN accelerating website condition code. It is can be set when the proportion surpass the ceiling, corresponding support staff can be informed to confirm the problem.


Source site monitoring service

Real-time monitoring the status of source site, detect the problem in time and give alarm.


Quality assessment report

Evaluate client website service quality through third party website quality assessment and provide professional sheets.