Cloud Management Consulting

As the world’s leading infrastructure provider, Wangsu provides technical consulting solutions for management, security and application delivery in enterprise cloud environments. The solution includes enterprise cloud architecture planning, cloud migration, and cloud management optimization, aiming to help enterprises achieve digital transformation efficiently.

Service Introduction

Wangsu Consulting Services mainly provides solutions for cloud application creation, cloud migration, cloud architecture consulting, cloud storage consulting and cloud planning based on third-party public cloud platforms (such as AWS) to optimize enterprise cloud costs as well as help enterprises utilize the high availability and flexibility of the public cloud to developing business rapidly.

Consulting and Planning

Consulting and planning service for cloud application costs and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO);

Assess and plan the coupling of public cloud platforms and enterprise business on the cloud;

Provide architecture design and guidance on the cloud;

Provide a holistic plan for migrating to cloud, including implementation tools and operational processes, based on the characteristics of the application;

Provide collocation advice of cloud service module;

Provide test environment consulting on manufature, development and test base on enterprise characteristics respectively.


Migration deployment and implementation

Network architecture design and implementation: IP address planning, integration with enterprise On-premise network through VPC, Direct Connect, VPN and other technologies;

Design and implement a security architecture based on IAM certification, MFA, risk management, compliance management, log management, payment management, etc.

Database high availability architecture design, database read and write optimization;

Enterprise production environment deployment and optimization guidance on the cloud;

Migration service category

Partial migration: In conjunction with the enterprise application team, providing partial configuration changes such as operating system and database system version which will bring few test tasks after migration.

Direct migration: Work with the enterprise application team to migrate from legacy platforms (such as VMWare) to new cloud platforms (such as AWS) through specific migration tools without having to rewrite or patch code;

Re-factor/Re-architect : Re-imagine how the application is architected and developed using cloud-native features. Specific tasks include: comprehensive and detailed assessment with the enterprise application team,in-depth testing after migration, deployment through manual or automated means;

Cloud resource optimization: Accurately calculate the cost of using various services on the cloud, and make estimates and management plans for the upcoming costs, Multi-dimensional cost analysis such as real-time monitoring of billing and the costs of specific labels of sub-accounts;

Storage Solution

Data archiving: Archive and customize long-term data backup plans for enterprise data based on business characteristics;

Primary storage: Select storage services provided by third-party cloud platforms such as AWS’s EBS, EFS and S3 to provide advice and solutions for enterprises to design storage architectures.

Backup and Restore: Design specific backup and recovery solutions for enterprises based on third-party public cloud platform features;Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR): utilizing recovery strategies based on the RTO and RPO requirements to ensure business continuity.

Customer cases

AWS Support Statement

Amazon Web Services provides a complete set of infrastructure and application services that enable you to run virtually any application in the cloud, from enterprise applications and big data projects to social games and mobile applications; one of the main advantages of cloud computing is support post-paid by actual usage without the need for upfront costs, and to expand infrastructure services based on business development.

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