Wangsu Direct Connect solution support multiple access methods, providing hybrid interconnection between branches and cloud. Direct Connect provides stable, secure, convenient and flexible enterprise-specific network services, and meets the interconnection requirements between enterprises and cloud platforms, data centers and branches with one-stop solutions.

VPC、Cloud server


Quick Deployment
Plug-and-play access devices for automated configuration and centralized deployment.

Security Assurance
Byte-level encryption is used for data and IPSec encryption mechanism is adopted for forwarding channels, effectively guaranteeing the security of data transmission.

Operation Simplify
A control management platform is provided to support features such as network-wide visual management, unified policy distribution, remote access to branches and smart alarms.

Flexible Use
Access bandwidth can be flexibly adjusted for billing on demand.

High Bandwidth High Flexible
Access cloud by fiber, can support as high as 10Gps, no need to access by public internet


Security Protection
The security protection configuration can be adjusted as needed to allow services of specific protocols, ACL control updates, etc.

Quality Optimization
With intelligent path selection based on service quality, transmission efficiency can be improved and end-to-end high-quality services can be guaranteed.

QoS Control
With the support for QoS control, priority is given to the transmission quality of key services to avoid the impact of other Internet access traffic such as videos and downloads.

Technical Principles

As AWS DX Partner, Wangsu Direct connect provides customer high speed interconnection with AWS cloud. Customer can access AWS cloud in high speed from local office or data center.

Based on Wangsu POPs globally, customer can access AWS anywhere by connecting POPs nearby. Solution can decrease deploy time and provide safe, stable an easily maintenance network.

Solution Architecture