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Founded in January 2000, Wangsu Science and Technology Co., Ltd (Stock code: 300017) is dedicated in research of key technologies regarding big data and cloud computing infrastructures. The company has built an extensive and efficient global Content Delivery Network (CDN), edge computing network and data center (IDC), to meet users’ data computing and interaction needs anytime, anywhere.

Powered by its strong data delivery and processing capabilities, Wangsu provides a wealth of products and services including CDN, customized IDC, cloud security, cloud computing and edge computing. Wangsu鈥檚 intelligent platform handles trillions of service requests on a daily basis, serving billions of Internet users around the world.

Our vision: Intelligent Network Connects Tomorrow

Wangsu At A Glance

Globally deployed servers

Global CDN nodes

Countries covered

Partnership with overseas operators

Global data centers

Global mitigation centers

Top of CDN market share for 6 consecutive years

Innovative patents

Wangsu employees

Workforce is from R&D and technical staff

2010-2017 CAGR

Capable of handling 10 Tbps of DDoS attacks

Technological patents

At present, Wangsu has applied for more than 800 domestic and international invention patents. Their content involves CDN and cloud computing industry-leading technologies such as protocol acceleration, mobile acceleration, application acceleration, live streaming media direction and on-demand acceleration, traffic management, cloud security, cloud storage, cache transmission, distributed transmission, broadband access, intelligent routing, etc.

Among them, the invention patent “Network State Measurement Methods, Systems and Network Coverage Monitoring and Control Methods” was awarded the “China Patent Excellence Award” by the State Intellectual Property Office in 2015.

In addition, due to its continued focus on technological research and development, and its focus on intellectual property protection, Wangsu was named a “National Intellectual Property Enterprise” by the State Intellectual Property Office in 2015.

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