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Company Profile

about wangsu

Founded in 2000 and among the first listed on the GEM in 2009, Wangsu Science and Technology Co., Ltd (Stock code: 300017) is a world leader in cloud distribution and edge computing conducting business in over 70 counties and regions. Wangsu strives to improve users’ digital experience, satisfying customers who require constant security, reliable data processing and interaction.

Wangsu provides diverse products and services including CDN, edge computing, cloud security, and SD-WAN, helping customers business innovation. Wangsu is a dependable partner in empowering customer innovation and digital transformation.

Wangsu is the top brand with largest
market share in China for eight consecutive years.
  • 20%

    Wangsu CDN platform distributes over 20% of internet web traffic in China.

  • Trillions

    Processing trillions of service requests on a daily basis.

  • 123Billion

    Distributed over 12.3 billion streaming media files

  • 100Million

    Supporting in average more than 100 million streamers every day.

  • 33Billion

    Defending against over 3.3 billion attacks every single day.

  • 15T

    Capable of dealing with over 15T of DDoS attacks.

Global Collaborative R&D and Operations System

Five global R & D centers in Xiamen, Shenzhen, Seoul, Silicon Valley and Moscow.

The marketing and service system covers most cities in China and many countries in North America, Europe and Asia.

  • Employees


  • Patents Applied Home and Abroad


  • Total Investment in R&D


  • Staff are Technical Personnel