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Wangsu鈥檚 proprietary WSA is an efficient, stable and secure one-stop solution which integrates website static and dynamic content accelerator, service guarantee and security protection into one. WSA can intelligently distinguish between static and dynamic contents, access static content cached at the nearest node, make quick return to the source and dynamic content transmission, achieve whole site acceleration and real time optimization, avoid network congestions, substantially speed up access, increase the access success rate and bring maximum profits to customers.

Application Scenarios

Advantages & Value

Global multi-node coverage

Wangsu鈥檚 Live Streaming has more than 1,000 nodes worldwide, covering small and large operators.

High service maturity

Wangsu has more than 8 years of experience in operating this product and serving medium- and large-sized customers.

One-to-one 7*24 tailored services, and multi-channel open services via QQ, WeChat, hotline and email.

Highly level of customization

Allows customized development based on customer demand

Full-Link Monitoring

Multi-level source monitoring and abnormal state code monitoring to safeguard source site stability security.

Product Features

Automatic separation of static and dynamic contents.

Wangsu supports full-link and multi-protocol HTTP2.0 (the first company to do so in China).

HTTPS seamless and secure accelerator, which speeds up the transmission of SSL encrypted data.

Multiple anti-hotlinking modes & different levels of anti-tampering.

Support IPV6 and IPV4 self-adaptability.

Dynamic streaming, image streaming, websocket, Webpage FEO and other webpage optimization technologies reduce webpage request time.

Value-added services

Wangsu security protection