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“Online interactive quiz” became the first big break of the 2018 Internet, became immensely popular among WeChat “Moments”, triggering a “cashing on knowledge” trend participated by all. As the latest wave of Internet live streaming fever, what network issues will APPs encounter in the trendy “interactive live quiz” business? With many years of experience in steaming technology, Wangsu accumulated vast insight of the quiz business and focusing on the two key areas of ”real-time streaming + interactive quiz”, the following solutions have been developed to address common issues encountered in interactive quizzes.


Synchronization between source and devices

Rich scenarios


Solution Details

Achieve low latency while supporting high concurrency

The platform can be configured and adjusted according to the host person push stream domain, estimated online user magnitude, historical user access data, key coverage area and other indicators, supporting flexible expansion of resources, tens of millions of simultaneous online users, to ensure the stable operation of live streaming, avoid getting stuck, ejected or dropped. In addition, the use of private streaming media transmission protocol and weak network HD technology greatly reduce transmission delay, reducing interactive live streaming delay to in 100 milliseconds.

Synchronous display of streaming image and question

The time stamp is used to realize the synchronous display of live streaming image and question. The client only requires to develop the answer system, design the interactive logic of the answer, and flexible use of the time stamp of the video stream provided by the solution to ensure synchronous display of live image and question.

The swift push of millions of questions with cheating prevention

Delay cheating from users is prevented by means of authentication and verification, multi-link parallel transmission and dynamic acceleration technology can be used to effectively realize the timeliness and success rate of transmitting questions and submitted answers, especially under weak network environments, the interactive experience of answering questions can be significantly improved.

Real-time barrage subtitle delivery to reduce resource consumption

The “barrage subtitle acceleration technology” of the solution is a result of edge computing and has been successfully applied to a number of live streaming websites. Support TCP long connections, socket, websocket, WSS (websocket+SSL) and other communications. The “barrage subtitle acceleration technology” can mitigate the delivery and calculation pressure of the barrage subtitle server, quickly implements the demand of capacity expansion, guaranteeing real-time delivery, and address barrage subtitle issues such as timeout, packet loss and message loss, etc.

Spam registration prevention

The spam registration prevention function, which is composed of “credit library, user access control, user characteristic check, trap layout and machine recognition”, can accurately identify and block spam registrations. Avoid server load surge caused by the bulk registration behavior that affects the stability of interactive quiz business or even shutting down services.

Cloud direction function to enrich interactive quiz scenarios

To meet the needs of the live quiz scenarios, address the expensive and complex characteristics of the traditional directing. The solution is equipped with “Wangsu cloud direction”, which offers a “director on the cloud”, accomplishes all the operations of the traditional directing on the cloud, and enables multi-channel picture editing, such as: single screen transition mode, inserting live video, advertising video, picture-in-picture mode; add watermark, advertising LOGO, green screen, matting, etc. The function also fits the needs of live quiz scenarios with on-demand utilization features and greatly reduces the homogeneity of live streaming content.

Mic-link function infuses quiz scenarios with freshness

The “Mic-link” function supports many people to connect at the same time, the delay can be as low as 200ms; supporting beautification, facial decorations, filters and other functions; as well as enable real-time monitoring of the network environment, adaptive adjustment of the rate of push stream; support for external collection of audio and video streams, availability of the pre-processing interface for smooth communication.