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Mobile live streaming has become the most popular Internet phenomenon, all kinds of Internet celebrities and opinion leaders have appeared on live streaming platforms, attracting increasingly large follower bases and participation, meanwhile, all types of device access, unexpected access surge, discrete user groups have put forward high technical requirements to live streaming platforms, it is not easy to ensure a smooth live streaming experience. Wangsu’s mobile streaming solution can provide an integrated solution covering cloud, pipeline and devices, massive redundant resources, professional technical service capabilities, and help live streaming platforms to enhance customer stickiness and boost user loyalty.

Enterprises can buy storage space on demand, saving cost

Powerful advantages in resources enable enterprises to easily handle spikes in traffic

Reduce the investment of considerable amounts of equipment, bandwidth and personnel, as well as lower operating costs


1. APP end optimal link acceleration

Users are assigned to the nearest Wangsu node to improve the speed of uploading images, audio and video content;

2. Building massive storage

Provide safe and reliable cloud storage for recording video and screenshots;

3. Mobile network acceleration

End-to-end mobile streaming SDK, intelligent device adaptation, content compression, anti-hijacking, etc., will meet the needs of customers for quick access and rapid iteration;

4. Interactive content acceleration

Acceleration based on the TCP layer protocol, to ensure smooth effects of interaction;

5. Multi-functional support of streaming media

Live recording and playback, storage, bit-rate conversion, anti-hotlinking, adaption, stable delivery services, ultra-low latency and large traffic bandwidth redundancy, effectively enhance the user viewing experience, significantly improves problematic playback. Handle the problems of live Internet streaming with ease.

6. Traffic operation scheme

Leverage the backward traffic solution to enhance user activity.

7. Wangsu hosted cloud solutions

Wangsu鈥檚 hosted cloud service adopts customized configuration solutions to address the hosting needs of video source sites, realize virtual and flexible expansion, raise customer resource utilization, as well as reduce customer procurement, management and operating costs.

Application Scenarios

Diversification of user access mode, and cross-network/cross-operator access resulting in slow user content uploads, problematic video playback, loading timeout, poor viewing experiences, high latency, etc.;

The perfect support of multi-device, multi-protocol and multi-application scenarios in mobile Internet;

The requirement of the self-discipline convention for the online streaming industry to record, store, and supervise the live streaming;

Major news, entertainment, promotion, events followed by a sudden increase in traffic, creating high requirements for enterprise resource flexibility;

Expensive data traffic rates, low mobile network user activity.