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For the media industry, content is fundamental to survival, technology is the pillar of development, the understanding and use of technology has become another major core competitiveness of the media; Good user experience lies in the fast loading of content, the smooth playback of video and the adaptability of multi-device access, etc. After studying the development trend of the media in this new era, Wangsu media industry solutions will help media brands to enhance their user experience, thus enhance media influence.

Global and network-wide acceleration

Comprehensive security protection from the network and application layers

Comprehensive service guarantee, incorporating online and offline services


1. Provide a solution for the website construction, provide targeted IDC, hosted cloud, CDN and other mixed networking services based on the special needs of the media industry;

2. Improve the access performance and distributing speed of dynamic and static mixed content such as web pages, picture content, audio and video of media sites ;

3. Adjusting the bandwidth capacity according to the characteristics of media site access to adapt to the mass of traffic during peak hours and hot events;

4. Increase access speed of media sites across the globe;

5. Improve user experience and user stickiness;

6. Improve the security performance of media sites to resist all types of network attacks;

7. The customized log and access statistics system provide strong data support for the operation of sites.

Application Scenarios

In these magnificent times, how to realize the transformation of Internet + by using new technology;

Faced with the competition of new media, how to realize the increment and retention of visitors;

Security problems such as malicious attacks, information interception, content tampering, etc.

How to ensure the smooth access of users in various regions in the complex global network environment;

How to deal with high concurrent mass access during hot events;

How to simplify the process and discover the value of the data in complex operations.