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Fast network access and reliable network security are the basic needs of government websites, and good user experience is closely related to the image of a government. Based on a stable, safe and efficient cloud platform, the e-government solution is supported by professional technical expertise, rich service experience and comprehensive after-sales service systems to provide services for e-government. Rapidly improve the quality of access to the government website, effectively protect the information security of the website, and provide strong technical support for the development of information technology for governments.

E-government cloud services, on-demand expansion without boundaries

E-government cloud security guarantees information security

Global government cloud delivery, visible acceleration and convenience


1. Security

Multi-layer security measures can ensure the site security to the greatest extent; vulnerability identification database real-time updates, anti-DNS attacks, anti-DDOS attacks, WAF application firewall, anti-crawler, anti-tampering, high-security cloud mitigation.

2. Availability

Real-time alerts, zero delay switchover of the main and backup source and other functions can effectively ensure that the source site remains capable of providing services when encountering issues; Orderly back to the source, zero delay backup source, surge access support, disaster backup and recovery, emergency safeguard system, major event security.

3. Additional Services

Support for traffic delivery, mobile network acceleration, cloud storage, cloud scheduling, upload acceleration, rapid transmission, dynamic and static hybrid acceleration to provide more services for government users.

4. Customized Services

Wangsu’s powerful R&D capabilities and rich business experience can provide intimate CDN customization services for government users, meeting their diverse CDN needs.

5. After-sales service

7*24 online/field technical support, providing customized security defense reports, redundant resources and robust emergency support system can effectively deal with high concurrency and sudden visit surges.

Application Scenarios

Ensure the efficient access speed and usability of the website;

Respond to hot events, high concurrent network access during peak hours;

Rampant malicious network attacks and hackers;

Transmission stability across networks and regions;