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Quality gaming user experience is embodied in fast content loading and version updates, stable operation, smooth video, multi-device access adaptation, burst access and resistance of network attacks, etc. This comprehensive solution is supported by Wangsu’s rich portfolio, redundant resources and abundant service experience, which can improve the user experience of gaming with ease, swiftness and efficiency, and ensure the stable operation and security of games. Wangsu’s powerful R&D capabilities can also provide customized service for the special needs of gaming applications.

Fast game loading, fluent cross-network and multi-device operations, excellent player experience

Ensure unimpeded player login, transactions, updates, and stable operations during peak hours

Avoid player churn and losses to enterprises resulting from attacks


1. Acceleration

With Wangsu whole site acceleration, game loading and multi-device access can be greatly improved by adopting caching technology, private transport protocol, intelligent routing and real-time update technology.

2. Flexibility

Wangsu’s abundant node resources and Terabit-level redundant resources guarantee the efficiency and operation ability of gaming business expansion and satisfy the gaming experience of players during peak hours.

3. Stability

With Wangsu’s intelligent cold and hot separation technology, large file segmentation cache technology, multi-verification technology, the stability of gaming platform service during unexpected emergencies is guaranteed.

4. Security Protection

The use of Wangsu security products for source site concealment effectively resists DDOS attacks, web attacks, to ensure the security of source stations.

5. Service

Diversified logs and self-help tools enable customers to quickly troubleshoot problems and provide valuable data.

Application Scenarios

Player access during peak hours causing network congestion;

Cross-network access bottlenecks between source sites and players;

Game stability limited during unexpected emergencies;

Difficult to guarantee stability and security of gaming platforms;

Multi-device mobile game playing experience is limited by the constraints of mobile networks;

High investment cost.