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With the development of online banking, mobile payment, credit card store, mobile securities, P2P online loans and other emerging financial applications, the high availability and high security of the network has become the basic guarantee requirement. Based on its vast amount of resources and rich operational experience, Wangsu financial industry solutions in security protection,shift-on-cloud business, network acceleration, backward traffic, mobile access and many other aspects empowers Internet + Finance; Enhancing brand service value.

Significantly enhance user experience

Control over key businesses

Improving mobile user experience


1. Financial cloud services solution – hosted cloud services provide secure, compliant services that can be combined with CDN and cloud security to improve availability and reliability across the board.

2. Financial industry whole site accelerator – integrated whole site accelerator of dynamic and static contents without having to separate dynamic and static content.

3. HTTPS certificateless security accelerator – provides different solutions for different levels of certificate security protection.

4. Providing traffic delivery marketing plan to the mobile client side promotions in increasing product stickiness, and promotes the growth of business on mobile devices.

5. Security component dedicated download accelerator services reduce financial customers’ overheads in duplicate, and large resource downloads, etc.

6. Comprehensive security services, based on the cloud delivery platform and big data analysis, provide one-stop cloud security solutions, anti-traffic attacks and anti-application attacks capabilities.

7. Mobile network optimization enhances the mobile user experience. Wangsu unique protocol optimization intelligent adaptation efficient links and other proprietary technologies are used to accelerate mobile access Web and APP.

8. Data analysis and other value-added services, providing bandwidth, traffic, URL access statistics, popular APP ranking and other data query and analysis.

Application Scenarios

System migration to cloud computing architecture platform is often faced with high investment, difficult operation and maintenance, long cycles;

Customer pages slow to open, low HTTPS transmission efficiency, high pressure and large cost on source site bandwidth;

Poor dynamic interaction experience, long transaction time, easily broken links;

Sudden anomalies when upgrade APPs, online banking certificates, security components;

Frequent access of mobile applications, poor user experience under mobile network environment;

A very high requirement of safety protection;

Phishing pages, network attacks occur frequently.