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Websites and e-commerce sales platforms have become one of the important image display and sales channels in the FMCG industry. Network access speed and network security issues have become an important indicator to measure the consumer experience. In accordance with the characteristics of the FMCG industry, Wangsu鈥檚 FMCG industry network solution provides e-commerce, security, mobile application, global acceleration and various other services that can help customers to seize the first opportunities in competition.

Reduce the data traffic of mobile applications and enhance user activity

Increase user stickiness to enterprise websites and raise product penetration rate

Help enterprises reduce their operating cost


1. Whole site accelerator

Enhance the acceleration of dynamic content to provide users with stable and quality access services.

2. Enterprise application accelerator

Accelerate the transmission of production system, order system, inventory management system, OA and other enterprise application systems to improve office work efficiency.

3. Mobile device accelerator

Mobile phone users load text, images, videos, and other data faster.

4. Streaming media accelerator

Addressing issues for advertising streaming media, training video and Internet VOD.

5. Cloud storage

To meet the video streaming media, training materials, advertising videos, and other mass storage needs.

6. Security Safeguards

Through source site concealment, anti-hotlinking, DDoS and WAF attack protection security technical solution, enhance the security and stability of enterprise application systems.

7. Hosted cloud solutions

Provide source site cloud deployment, reduce enterprise initial investment costs, speed up the business deployment cycle, and reduce the pressure of customer operation and maintenance.

Application Scenarios

Bottlenecks in cross-carrier, cross-regional and transnational access;

Frequent use of production system, ordering system, video conference, office system and other enterprise application systems, poor access experience, affecting work efficiency;

Rich audio-visual content on the website requires high loading speed;

The storage and maintenance cost of a large number of audio-visual media and training materials is relatively high;

Security issues threatening the stability of enterprise application systems;

Numerous branches at home and abroad, the high cost of dedicated lines, and long deployment cycles.