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In the current complex domestic network environment, online education will often face system expansion difficulties, problematic video playback, slow upload of resources, lack of storage space, content processing pressure, system attacks, multi-device teaching and other issues. Traditional solutions are incompetent in meeting the diverse needs of online education. Providing integrated end-to-end service from the aspects of system construction, content upload, content storage, content processing and delivery, multi-device delivery and security protection, can effectively improve the user experience, enhance user stickiness and reduce customer operation and maintenance costs,Making online education easier.

Reduce operation and maintenance expenditure, reduce

enterprise operation cost

Improve the experience of interactions between teachers and students

Boost business and achieve revenue growth


1. Basic system construction: provide flexible, dynamic and agile system construction solutions

Wangsu physical servers, cloud hosts and cloud storage, purchase on demand, saving time, money and labor.

2. Whole site accelerator: intelligent separation of dynamic and static state, accelerated access to the whole website

Optimization of transmission and network protocols, dynamic adjustment of acceleration strategy, implementation of a site-wide accelerator, and improvement of user experience

3. Upload accelerator: massive, multi-format courseware uploaded efficiently, shared in a timely manner

Select the best uploading node in accordance with the teacher’s location to upload courseware data, and relieve the pressure of the source sites.

4. Cloud processing: real-time cloud processing of courseware resources, efficient and fast

Recording, transcoding, protocol conversion, adaptive device requirements to improve user access experience

5. Security protection

Provide Terabit-level DDos protection and application protection to ensure security.

6. Wangsu hosted cloud solutions

Wangsu’s hosted cloud service adopts customized configuration solutions to address the hosting needs of video source sites, raise customer resource utilization, as well as reduce customer procurement, management and operating costs.

Application Scenarios

Long construction time for infrastructure and high cost in investment;

Slow website access, registration, and login, low user retention;

Courseware videos slow to upload, high user churn;

Diverse formats of uploaded courseware, pressure on the server to process all;

Increasing resource content and storage cost;

Attacks and tempering of webpages, resulting in incalculable economic losses;

Problematic video playback, long caching time, poor clarity, slow video transmission, etc.