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In recent years, with the explosion of online shopping festivals, the online retail market is experiencing rapid growth, and e-commerce has become an important part of the national economy. The stability, security, access speed and use experience of an e-commerce platform will all have a tremendous influence on users’ purchase decisions. Wangsu e-commerce industry solutions provide users with answers to overcome common e-commerce issues

Better User Experience

Better security guarantee

Less Operating Cost


1. Whole site accelerator accelerates the whole network of dynamic and static content, streaming media and other contents, addressing the cross-network access bottleneck of cross-carriers, and promotes the experience of user registration, login, browsing goods, shopping and payment;

2. Mobile accelerator speeds up and optimizes the user’s mobile port, and the multi-device adaptive function shortens page loading time for commodity display, comment, customer service inquiry, etc.

3. Flexible expansion of redundant bandwidth, both to maintain daily browsing as well as handling emergencies with ease;

4. Security guarantee the platform security is safeguarded through source site concealment, SSL encryption transmission technology, DDOS, WAF attack protection, anti-hotlinking and anti-tamper security schemes;

5. Operation and maintenance services use server node monitoring, network link monitoring, system monitoring, source site monitoring and content monitoring to prevent future problems and comprehensively ensure a smooth shopping experience.

6. Free data plan distributes red packets to users through activities thus encourage users to visit the website frequently;

7. Combined with precise access data statistics, powerful customized logs, accurate advertising and other functions to help e-commerce sites to increase revenue and save operation and maintenance costs.

Application scenarios

Poor interoperability between operators, bottlenecks in cross-operator access;

User shopping is moving from the PC to mobile devices, high speed requirement for mobile access;

Slow speed in seckilling, query, promotion and other access, affecting order rates and instantaneous surges in visitors are frequent;

Frequent network attacks, DDoS and WAF attack threats, increasing hidden security risks;

Homepages are slow to load, source sites facing too much pressure, resulting in slow response time, user churn, affecting the number of orders;

The response time of online payment source sites is slow, which requires high stability of the website.

High cost for operation and maintenance of source sites