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The rapid development of Internet and communication technologies has expanded the market demand of the consumer electronics industry. The shipments of electronic products represented by smartphones are increasing on a daily basis. At the same time, it also puts forward higher requirements on the enterprises’ ability to serve the market. Wangsu consumer electronics industry solution can effectively address the problems of slow access to websites, internal office system, unpleasant application download and user access experience, etc., and quickly distribute enterprise content all over the globe to enhance user experience, thus boosting brands’ service capabilities.

Boost Corporate Image

Speed up firmware downloads

Comprehensive anti-hijacking


1. Delivery and storage of mass content to mitigate source site pressure

After acceleration with the cloud delivery platform, the amount of back to source request is greatly reduced to ensure the stable and unimpeded operation of the source site.

2. APP downloads acceleration, significant improvement in user experience

The NGB system ensures rapid response to end users in the event of sudden traffic surges and provides stable and fast download to users.

3. Providing a variety of anti-hijacking schemes

Efficient DNS hijacking prevention, intelligent protection of content hijacking, to address the application market hijackings.

4. Optimizing the mobile network channel to improve mobile user experience

Using Wangsu’s unique transmission optimization, traffic control, dynamic acceleration, efficient link and other proprietary technologies to improve the access of mobile pages and APP. FDN traffic delivery platform combines traffic resources of the three major operators to enhance the stickiness of mobile users.

5. Powerful log and access statistics system provide strong data support for business operations

Bandwidth, traffic, URL access statistics, popular APP ranking, as well as other data query and log download functions.

Application Scenarios

Rapid release of new products resulting in high unexpected access of website;

Slow access to the website, problematic download, hijacked connection, slow operation of APP, etc.;

System firmware updates that need to be quickly distributed domestically or globally;

Illegal hijacking is common and security is threatened;

Users’ requirements for mobile access quality are getting increasingly higher.