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Alternative energy vehicles, smart cars, Internet of Vehicles, autonomous driving have become the focus of the automotive industry, in addition to many domestic automotive companies planning to enter the international market and expand international business, car manufacturers are placing increasing reliance on networks. High-quality network transmission and a safe network environment is the technical guarantee for the development of automotive enterprises, and also an important factor related to the user experience. Wangsu automotive industry solutions provide a highly efficient and reliable network transmission environment for the future development of automotive enterprises and the notion of globalization.

Better User Experience

Less Operating Cost

Easier Operation and Maintenance


1. Global acceleration of application systems

In view of the acceleration and optimization of customer information application systems, the optimization of all enterprise applications based on TCP protocol is realized by using network optimization and protocol optimization technologies placed on the global cloud acceleration service platform, significantly increasing the speed of application access.

2. Improve system availability

Improve the quality of users’ access to the complex global network environment and boost the usability of websites.

3. Mobile device accelerator

Starting from the mobile device, the entire access process is optimized to effectively improve the speed of uploading and access.

4. Security Safeguards

Source site concealment, SSL encryption transmission technology, WAF attack protection, anti-hotlinking and anti-tampering technologies, safeguard platform security.

5. Hosted cloud solutions

Wangsu鈥檚 hosted cloud service adopts customized configuration solutions to raise customer resource utilization, as well as reduce customer procurement, management and operating costs.

Application Scenarios

In the age of industry 4.0, the business of automotive enterprise increasingly depends on the information system, while the structure of IT evolves in a more complex manner.

With fierce computation in the domestic market, most automotive companies turned their attention to exports, data exchange remains difficult.

With numerus branches at home and abroad, the cost of dedicated lines is high, and it is difficult to expand in capacity.

DMS system and automotive accessories catalogs contain a vast amount of data, with an average file size of 500m or above, increasing data transmission difficulty.