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With the advent of Internet +, the manufacturing industry has transformed from “made in China” to “made smart in China”, and the electrical appliance industry has ushered in a great change in the field of information. The solution is aimed at the internal and external IT application system, e-commerce platform, mobile APP, official WeChat account, smart home and Internet of things, as well as many other aspects of the home appliance manufacturing industry. By helping enterprises to carry out business cloud migration, improve global user access speed, platform application stability experience, business promotion efficiency and network security, reduce operating costs, Wangsu enabled the rapid transformation of traditional home appliance manufacturing industry.

Pay-on-demand cloud services to reduce operating cost

Effectively improve the global user experience

Ensure website information is secure


1. Cost: source site construction, operation and maintenance investments and service cost

Wangsu hosted cloud, distributed cloud storage, cloud security services,etc. will help enterprises to realize more flexible cost control, mitigate the difficulties in TCO and operation and maintenance.

2. Optimization: optimizing the network to improve access experience

Website acceleration, streaming media acceleration, rapid transmission, mobile device acceleration and other product solutions are used to improve the e-commerce platform and website access experience.

3. Efficiency: improve the speed of office system access, and office productivity

Wangsu APPA, Internet access accelerator, large file transfer and other schemes effectively improve the speed of access to office systems, improving office productivity.

4. Security: comprehensive security protection, the application system security is guaranteed

DDoS attack protection, WAF application layer protection, content anti-hijacking and anti-tampering, etc.

5. Marketing: mobile Internet business promotion

Backward-traffic marketing scheme, to help promote the mobile end of the business.

6. Additional Value-added Services

Bandwidth, traffic, URL access statistics, popular APP ranking, regional content intelligent adaptation as well as other data query and log download functions.

Application Scenarios

Ever-present security issues for website, e-commerce platform, enterprise intranet, mobile devices;

Slow access, login, content retrieval and payment across networks and regions;

The rapid expansion of business leads to rapid expansion of resource demand and low utilization rates.

Peak access during promotions, long cycle time of hardware equipment and the bandwidth reserves.

Insufficient experiences in areas such as accurate recommendation and user behavior analysis;

Application system moving to the cloud, accelerate business innovation.