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Wangsu operates quality IDC server room resources all over the world, providing the most professional data service for users. By establishing a firewall, Wangsu IDC can provide users with high levels of security IDC service.

Regional distribution

At present, Wangsu owns more than 10 Tier3+ level data centers.

At the same time, we have established cooperation with hundreds of data centers across the country by providing high-quality server room resources and professional operation and maintenance services, in order to provide customers with a complete set of network data solutions.

Premium domestic IDC resources:
Northern China: Beijing Wangjing Data Center, Beijing Zhaowei Unicom Data Center, Beijing Yizhuang KDDI Data Center, etc.
Eastern China: Shanghai Gaoqiao Data Center, Shanghai Hulan Data Center, etc.
Southern China: Shenzhen Baoan BaWang Data Center, Guangzhou Luogang Scientific City Data Center, etc.
Other Places: Chongqing Unicom Data Center, Wuhan UnionPay Data Center, Chengdu Wenjiang Data Center, etc.

Recommended overseas IDC resources:

Asia Pacific:
Hong Kong China, Macao China, Taiwan China, Russia, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, Vietnam
Europe and US:
USA, UK, France, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Spain

One-time purchasing and installment purchasing of hardware and software, equipment lease

Service advantages

One-stop hosting

A one-stop service of security without worries

Professional certification

Achieve the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification.

Excellent service

Serve the industry for 18 years, and accumulate a wealth of IDC operation and maintenance experience.

Multiple protections

Professional hardware protection, 100 G+ burst capability.

Platform advantages

Simplify IT management based on ITIL3 best practices.