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Wangsu鈥檚 Webpage Accelerator Solution is designed to address such widespread problems like slow access and low access availability of various static website contents including texts, pictures, webpages and short videos in a complex and changing network environment. This product can significantly improve response speed and availability for website applications.

Application Scenarios

Advantages & Value

Global multi-node coverage

Wangsu鈥檚 Live Streaming has more than 1,000 nodes worldwide, covering small and large operators.

High service maturity

One-to-one 7*24 tailored services, and multi-channel open services via QQ, WeChat, hotline and email.

Highly level of customization

Allows customized development based on customer demand

Product Features

Support full-link HTTP2.0

Distributed cache mechanism

Intelligent image adaptation

Support multiple multi-source back-to-the-source policies

Multiple anti-hotlinking functions

Provide multiple anti-hotlinking functions, refer anti-hotlinking, UA head anti-hotlinking, IP anti-hotlinking, and URL authentication check.

Value-added services

Value-added Services HTTPS whole site accelerator     BOT recognition protection     Security cloud protection