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Accelerant for Mobile Internet

Mobile applications are limited by the different screen size, processing power, poor stability, extended time, narrow bandwidth per capita, etc. Wangsu can greatly improve the access experience of end users accessing Web, WebApp, NativeAPP and other content. Provide convenient hand-off approaches, comprehensive security and monitoring platforms.

Application Scenarios

Advantages & Value


By means of Wangsu鈥榮 private protocol and platform technology, DNS hijacking and content hijackings can be effectively eliminated, while improving domain name availability and security.

Source site monitoring

24 hours of real-time monitoring for source sites, real-time display to the MAA platform, and timely alerts through e-mail and WeChat public accounts.

Product Features

Mobile application accelerator

Mobile application accelerator supporting operators of all sizes, under 2G, 3G, 4G, and WIFI network environments.

Intelligent image delivery

By recognizing device information, images are converted to the matching quality and size to ensure a uniform and smooth content presentation.

Real-time traffic control

Through the lossless compression and coding of pictures, text, application protocols and so on, the consumption of mobile application traffic can be reduced.

HTTPS security schemes

Full support for web, sdk certificate deployment, and certificateless deployment.

Value-added Services

Mobile network monitoring, security protection, real-time management of WeChat, Crash log collection, load balancing of source sites, P2P