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Wangsu’s Application Accelerator (APPA) is an accelerator product for all types of enterprise business information systems. APPA mainly aims to solve the problems of slow data access, poor business experience and application insecurity in manufacturing, services, Internet, finance, securities, government and other sectors. It is suited for the acceleration of dedicated production systems, office systems, data upload and download and other Internet applications in various sectors.

Application Scenarios

Advantages & Value

High system stability

Through Wangsu’s fully interconnected network, multi-channel parallel transmission and other technologies, APPA can reach a network connection rate of 99.99%.

Accelerate multiple protocols

Based on transmission layer (TCP/UDP protocol) acceleration technology, APPA can support a wide range of application protocols.

Easy deployment

Featuring “one-click deployment”, APPA can offer full-access acceleration coverage of all applications.

Product Features

Passive FTP accelerator

Support passive FTP acceleration without monitoring all ports.

HTTP breakpoint resumption

The breakpoint resumption function allows users to resume transmission from transmission breakpoints, which saves users from the time and resources waste caused by repetitive transmissions.

Content optimization

Reduce unnecessary repetitive transmissions in the transmission process, thus improving data transmission efficiency

Load balancing

Effectively improve source sites’ load capacity by providing value-added services of global load balancing and multi-source load balancing

Security reinforcement

Through its powerful resource platform and attack defense technology, APPA can help users to effectively improve source site security.

Value-added services

Wangsu security protection monitoring log