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Combined with the APPA dynamic business accelerator platform and the latest acceleration technology, it breaks the mode that only the data source site using CDN acceleration can be accelerated. This is an accelerator product aimed at the end users of LAN. The acceleration contents include webpage, video, large file, dynamic business system, etc. It does not only realize the acceleration of ordinary network users accessing the Internet but also provide effective solutions in network management and bandwidth saving. Break the dilemma that the bandwidth of Internet access in public places continues to increase, while the user experience does not improve.

Application Scenarios

Advantages & Value

To solve the problems caused by slow access to domestic and foreign websites and media resources, such as untimely access to industry information and missed business opportunities, and to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises and generate revenue.

Address the issues of slow speed of business systems between cross-regional branches and upstream and downstream manufacturers, and to improve the efficiency of enterprises’ work and business development.

To solve the problems of high cost pressure and unpleasant internet experience caused by changes in the number of LAN users and the high demand of bandwidth during peak hours, and to improve the operating efficiency of enterprises.

Product Features

Multi-level intelligent cache

By using the intelligent cache devices deployed in LAN and CDN resource platforms, users can access the nearest content, improving access speed.

Big data analysis of hotspots

Synchronize popular content of the Internet to the ACCA accelerating devices in real time for caching, enabling users to enjoy hotspot accelerating for the first time.

Intelligent website pre-fetch

Through the extraction of resources and regular updates of the website that users are interested in, the users can immediately enjoy accelerated access.

Routing optimization

Leveraging mesh path detection to help customers choose the fastest transmission path on the Internet for their business data.

Link optimization

By means of link multiplexing technology, the data that can only be transmitted on one link on the Internet can be transmitted through multiple links at the same time, improving the speed of transmission.

Protocol optimization

Through efficient private protocol optimization, it can help improve the efficiency of data transmission.

Content optimization

In order to improve the efficiency of data transmission, the number of unnecessary repeated transmission can be reduced through specific processing of the transmission content.

Value-added Services

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