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Content and Traffic Management

Our Content and Traffic Management solution is a traffic cache acceleration solution designed for telecom, broadband operators, and radio and television broadcasters.

With the proliferation of "triple play" and mobile Internet and growing demand for streaming media and P2P file sharing, a caching solution that optimizes network applications and bandwidth resources is more critical than ever.

Through intelligent caching, this solution effectively reduces inter-network traffic and accelerates content distribution for your customers. Ultimately, this means a faster and better user experience to help you increase customer loyalty and innovate your business.

Web Content Caching

Web protocol based content caching including webpage browsing, downloads, and video streaming.

P2P Content Caching

Content caching for P2P downloads including BT and Thunder. Content caching for P2P streaming media including QQlive and Funshion.

Content Optimization

Designated contents and frequently accessed contents are accumulated and cached into a content resource pool and distributed to end users efficiently.

Reduce inter-network costs

By caching contents, end users can obtain the data from a server close to them and thereby reducing costs of large volume traffic between networks.

Faster user experience

Optimize how your end users obtain their contents. By leveraging caching solutions, contents are closer to end users, which translates to a faster experience.

Constantly evolving

Our professional development team continuously adapts our technology to the rapid changing environment to help your company have a competitive edge.

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