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Web Security Service

Our Website Security Service strengthens the security of your website. With this solution, your website is shielded from attacks including DDOS attacks, SYN and UDP floods, and other attacks.

Multi-layered security.

To prevent direct attacks, this solution hides your website's IP addresses. End users access your website through our security node servers. As a result, hackers cannot obtain real IP addresses, and thus reduces the possibility of attacks.

Prevent attacks.

Our solution uses an intelligent protection algorithm that deploys security modules in all our security server nodes. This effectively prevents SYN flood, UDP flood, ICMP flood, and other DDOS attacks.

High availability.

Our security layer filters out all kinds of attacks. This means in the case of a real attack, those attacks would be filtered, and your site visitors will still be able to access your website.

Rapid deployment.

Our Website Security Solution can be deployed within 24 hours. You only need to provide us the CNAME, and we will take it from there.

Scalable protection.

Traditional security solutions usually fail when attacks exceed the bandwidth limitation of websites. Our solution provides you with scalable protection leveraging the tremendous bandwidth resources of our Cloud Platform.

Unparalleled reliability.

When under attack, our proprietary innovative security architecture can guarantee higher success rate for new connections and higher retention rate for existing connections when compared with traditional security solutions.

Our cooperation with Wangsu has been for five years. We are very satisfied with the technical strength of this team. The cooperation during the two years did not meet any gross negligence, and the operation was stable. They can quickly provide solutions for the individual needs required by us. Management costs are of significantly saved, and work efficiency improved. Wangsu is our trustworthy partner.

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