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Security and speed.

Security Acceleration Solution

Our Secure Acceleration Solution combines our world class website acceleration solution with a powerful boost of security. This tailored solution is perfect for websites that require a speed increase as well as increased security. Integrated tightly with our Security Management Platform, this solution offers website attack prevention, vulnerability management, and monitoring in addition to website acceleration.

Speed up your website

With more than 300 server nodes around the world, your website is sped up to provide a faster user experience.


You do not need to purchase and maintain equipment helping you reduce costs and manpower.

Rock solid availability

Our Web Acceleration Solution helps you avoid the risk of single points of failure by leveraging our Cloud Platform.

Comprehensive site analysis

Perform a comprehensive security analysis to learn about potential vulnerability along with optimization recommendations.

Multi-layered security

The servers hosting your source website is shielded from a layer of security server nodes to prevent direct attacks.

Outstanding support

Our support team monitors your site, notifies you of any incidents, and provides outstanding support 24/7.

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