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Services for Data Center Solutions

All our data center solutions include a suite of services and tools to help you monitor equipment and operations, strengthen network security, and implement resilient data disaster recovery systems.

Sophisticated Monitoring Services

  • Comprehensive monitoring and management systems for hosting users.
  • 24/7 access through web interfaces and mobile apps to manage equipment operating status.
  • Receive real time SMS and text notifications about system status.
Contents monitored include:
  • network port real-time traffic
  • hardware operation indicators
  • the operating status of systems and standard application software
  • site visiting stats

Network Security Solution Services

  • Network security planning based on your needs and architecture.
  • Security services including IDS intrusion detection, IPS firewall rule setting, and vulnerability assessment and scanning.
  • 1 Gbps+ traffic cleaning services and anti-attack services.

Data Disaster Recovery Services

  • Real-time data backup inside data center networks.
  • Remote backup and emergency recovery of backup data.
  • Leverages our Cloud Backup Technology.

Integrated Wiring Services for Large-Customer Data Center Systems

  • Compliant to AMP cabling standards.
  • Industry standard reliable integrated wiring services for all your hosting equipment in our data centers.
  • Option to implement VIP room delivery projects.

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